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Yucca Mountain Research Collection: Manuscript Collection

Information and resources for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Yucca Mountain Research Collection

What's Inside the Manuscript Collection?

The manuscript collection can be found in the basement of the DeLaMare Library, and is housed in archival boxes and folders. The collection consists of technical reports, telephone records, email communications, research articles, fliers, and other items that the University of Nevada, Reno received during its time as a repository for the NRC. The collection was rehoused and described for the finding aid, but was kept in its original order as received by the NRC. You can find items in this section of the collection by browsing the finding aid, or you can look at highlights from the collection listed below.

Highlights of the Manuscript Collection

  • DOE. "Yucca Mountain Project site atlas." -- Box 3, folders 1-4
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory. "Volcanism synthesis report." -- Box 4, folders 1-4
  • USGS. "Seismotectonic framework and characterization of faulting at Yucca Mountain, Nevada." -- Boxes 7-8
  • American Indian Writers Subgroup Consolidated Group of Tribes and Organizations. "American Indian perspectives on the Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project and the Repository Environmental Impact Statement." -- Box 9, folder 5
  • DOE. "Environmental assessment Yucca Mountain Site, Nevada research and development area, Nevada." -- Boxes  24-25
  • DOE. "Site characterization plan Yucca Mountain site, Nevada research and development area, Nevada." -- Boxes 35-39
  • Levy, S.S., Sweetkind, D.S., Fabryka-Martin, J.T. et al. "Investigations of structural controls and mineralogic associations of chlorine-36 fast pathways in the ESF." -- Box 41, folder 8
  • DOE. "Viability assessment of a repository at Yucca Mountain." -- Box 50, folders 1-6
  • TRW Environmental, Inc. "Total system performance assessment." -- Box 51, folders 1-5
  • National Research Council.  "Technical bases for Yucca Mountain standards." -- Box 58, folder 7
  • National Research Council.  "Groundwater at Yucca Mountain: How high can it rise?" -- Box 58, folder 8
  • TRW Environmental, Inc. "Total system performance assessment-viability assessment." -- Box 60, folders 1-8; box 61, folders 1-3
  • TRW Environmental, Inc. "Total system performance assessment for the site recommendation." -- Box 85, folders 1-4
  • Civilian Radioactive Waste Management System. "Yucca Mountain Site description." -- Boxes 105-106
  • State of Nevada, Office of the Governor. "State of Nevada comments on the U.S. Department of Energy's draft environmental impact statement for a geologic repository of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste at Yucca Mountain, Nye County, Nevada." -- Box 177, folders 1-2


The NRC Yucca Mountain Research Collection Manuscripts

Yucca Mountain manuscript collection