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Discovery Services: ACLS Humanities E-Book

Tips and FAQs about the best ways to find and use online library materials

ACLS Humanities E-Book Permalinks

  1. Click into the record of the desired e-book 


Figure 1. Screenshot of ACLS book record with a button to "Read Book," followed by the ISBN, Subject, and Citable Link. An arrow emphasizes the importance of the Citable Link.

  1. On the e-book's record page, locate the stable share link above the Table of Contents and under the Subject.  This is the permalink for this ACLS Humanities E-Book.
  2. Remember to add the UNR proxy URL to the beginning of the link if you'll be sending it to someone off-campus.
    1. The proxy URL is:


ACLS permalink:

With proxy:

ACLS Humanities E-Book Database

ACLS Humanities E-Book Database Icon