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Discovery Services: HathiTrust

Tips and FAQs about the best ways to find and use online library materials

How to locate permalinks in HathiTrust

  1. Once you have found the content you are looking for on the HathiTrust database, locate the permalink provided on the screen's bottom-left side.
    • You can either acquire the permalink for the entire book or specific pages within the book.
  2. Highlight and copy the URL (Ctrl+C)


Figure 1. Screenshot of a book record in Hathi trust with a sidebar that contains a variety of options. The section indicating "Permanent link to this book" and "link to this page" is highlighted.

  1. You will need to append the UNR proxy prefix to the HathiTrust permalink for off-campus users to access it. 
    • UNR proxy prefix:
    • Example:

HathiTrust Database