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Discovery Services: Taylor & Francis

Tips and FAQs about the best ways to find and use online library materials

Creating permalinks on Taylor & Francis

How to find the permalink in a Taylor & Francis record

  1. Once you find an article you want to use, look for the DOI under the title. Highlight and copy the DOI. (Use Ctrl+C for PC or Command+C for Mac. Or you can right-click on the highlighted DOI and select "Copy.")

Screenshot depicting where to locate the DOI link for an article on the Taylor and Francis database

Figure 1. Screenshot shows a highlighted red box and a red arrow pointing where the DOI link is located within a journal article in the Taylor & Francis database. The DOI link is typically found under the journal article title and author information. 

  1. Paste the DOI after the UNR proxy prefix:
    • Example:

Please note that you must use the proxy prefix for the link to work off-campus.

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