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Discovery Services: Ovid

Tips and FAQs about the best ways to find and use online library materials

Creating Permalinks for articles on Ovid

  1. When you find an article that you want to use, locate the Email Jumpstart link and click on it in the right-side menu.
    1. If you click on the "Email PDF Jumpstart," you will find the direct PDF's permalink. 


Figure 1. Screenshot of Ovid article result showing Tools sidebar with a variety of options. "Email Jumpstart" and "Email PDF Jumpstart" are selected in the sidebar.


  1. A small pop-up box should appear that includes the "Jumpstart URL." Highlight the URL and copy (Ctrl+C).


Figure 2. Screenshot of the same Ovid article with "Email Jumpstart" and "Email PDF Jumpstart" highlighted, and an arrow linking the two highlighted options to a pop-up window that indicates "Your Jumpstart URL is" with a URL for the article, and an option to enter an email address to send the jumpstart


  1. If you acquired this permalink from on-campus, you would need to append the UNR proxy prefix to the Jumpstart URL:
    • UNR proxy prefix:
    • Example:

NOTE: You must include the proxy prefix for the link to work off-campus.

  1. If you accessed the database from off-campus, the proxy should automatically be included in the jumpstart URL


Figure 3. Screenshot of the same Email Jumpstart pop up window, with a Jumpstart URL and our proxy address highlighted within the URL

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