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EndNote Basic

Creating a Bibliography from a Group

To create a bibliography from an Endnote Basic Group:

  • On the Format tab choose Bibliography
  • Click on “Select Favorites” 
  • Find your desired style, highlight it, and click “Copy to Favorites”
  • Next to “References”, choose the group
  • Next to “Bibliographic Style” choose the desired export style
  • Next to “File format” choose HTML
  • Click on “Preview & Print”  - A window should open with your formatted bibliography
  • Print or copy and paste to your desired word processor


  •  There are not export filters for every journal.  Users who are preparing manuscripts for journals not covered should check the instructions for Authors of their desired journal. In some cases, the required style will be the same as other journals from that publisher or within the discipline.
  • Outputted bibliographies should be checked for accuracy – some strange extra punctuation can occur, plus some databases fail to map fields correctly for odd formats of items (i.e. patents, photographs, etc.).

Exporting Your Endnote Basic Library

You can export a group or your entire library: 

Under the "Format" tab, choose "Export References".

Select a group of references and an export style.  If you are going to save the library for moving to the Endnote desktop software, or for moving into another Endnote Basic account, choose "Endnote Export". If you are moving the citations into a different citation manager, check the product's guidelines on acceptable file types. Most commonly accepted are Refman (RIS) or BibTeX.