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History: Books

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Tips for Finding Books

When viewing a book record in the library catalog, look at the LC Subjects.

  • Click on a subject that is related to your topic to browse more LC Subjects alphabetically.
  • Look for "-- Sources" in a subject heading to find books that contain primary sources.

History Books in the Knowledge Center

The first few letters of the call numbers indicate the book's section in the library. Visit these sections on the fourth floor if you'd like to browse:

D  World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

DA Great Britain

DC France - Andorra - Monaco

DD Germany

DF Greece

DG Italy - Malta

DK Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics - Poland

DS Asia

DT Africa

E- F  History of the Americas

F1-975 United States Local History

F836-850 Nevada

F1201-3799 Latin America. Spanish America

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