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Education: Best Databases


This guide lists some of the best resources for getting started with research in education, human development, and counseling.

Use these tips for searching the databases:

  • Enter multiple search terms in the boxes at the top.
  • Check the box for Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals when searching for top-quality research.
  • Use the date slider to limit to the most recent materials.
  • Click on the Find It button to access an article PDF if none is available.
  • After clicking on an article title, click on the Cite button to see the APA citation or click on Email to email yourself the PDF (if available) or the article summary.

Best Resources for Finding Research

You can search these three EBSCO databases at the same time by using the search box below and putting the word "and" in between multiple search terms.

You can also use the Choose Databases link at the top of each one to select multiple databases for searching. 

Education Research Databases


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