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Covidence: Embase

A guide to using Covidence, a screening and data extraction tool for conducting systematic and other reviews.

Importing References from Embase

Perform a search in Embase.

Select the citations you wish to export by either checking boxes next to specific references or selecting the number of items from the dropdown menu at the top of the reference list. Then select Export.

Select the RIS format for exporting. This will appear in the format list as “RIS format (Mendeley, EndNote)."  Then select the Export.  

Select Download and save your file.  

Log into Covidence and select your review. Select Import References.  

Select the area within your review that you want the citations to be placed such as Screen or Full text review.

This is a screenshot of the Import References step within a Covidence review. You can choose which step in the review process you want your imported citations to go to. In this example, we are sending them into the Screen stage by selecting that option from within the dropdown menu.

Click Choose File and select the file you downloaded from Embase. Click the Import button again.

The references have now been imported into your review, and you can begin screening by selecting the Continue button.

This a screenshot depicting one of the steps in the review process where you will be taken once you have selected which step in the review process you want your imported references to go to. You can begin screening your references by selecting the Continue button.