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Covidence: EBSCOhost

A guide to using Covidence, a screening and data extraction tool for conducting systematic and other reviews.

Importing References from EBSCOhost Databases (CINHAL, PsycINFO, etc.)

Perform a search in an EBSCOhost database.

Click on Share

Under Export results, choose “E-mail a link to download results.” (You can export up to 25,000 citations this way, but the number you’ll see here is the amount of citations your search yielded up to 25,000.)

This is a screenshot of an example EBSCOhost database results page. After running search like this one, click on Share and then choose E-mail a link to download results. This will allow you to save your results as a RIS file, which you can then, in turn, upload into Covidence.

This will take you to a new page titled Export Manager. Type your email into the form and select RIS Format from the list of options and hit Send.This is a screenshot depicting the Export Manager screen in an EBSCOhost database, which you will be taken to once you've chosen the E-mail a link to download results option. Type your email into the space provided and select the RIS file option before hitting Send.

A pop-up box will appear informing you that a link to the file will appear in your inbox shortly. 

Save the RIS file to your local machine and/or to a cloud location. 

From within Covidence, go to your review and select Import references. Then click on the Import button. Select the step in the review in which you would like the imported references to be placed (e.g., "Screen") and upload the RIS file you saved.