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World Languages & Literatures: Getting Started

UNR Librarians and the COVID-19 Pandemic

UNR Librarians are here to help! We can communicate via email, phone, or Zoom. You can reach me by sending me an email or making an appointment below. --Amy

World language Materials Searching Tips

When searching for books and articles in other languages, there are some useful tips that will make finding these materials easier:

  • Type your search terms in the language of interest.
    • Diacritics may or may not be detected in your search. Type the search word without the diacritic. Example: use "El Nino" instead of "El Niño."
  • OR you can perform a keyword search, then limit your results by language.
  • Some articles may have an abstract or title in English but the article itself may be in another language. Look at the body of the article to be sure of the language.

Best World Language & Literature Databases


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