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Social Work: Finding Tests and Measures

A guide to finding articles, books, and more for Social Work.

About Tests & Measures

Finding tests and measures is a challenge for many researchers in Social Work.

Some tests are commercially published (and often very expensive). These measurement instruments have established validity, reliability and norms and typically come with test manuals and testing protocols. In many cases only qualified or professionally trained individuals can purchase copies. 

Unpublished tests are found in the scholarly literature of psychology and have typically been developed by university researchers or other professionals, government agencies, or nonprofit organizations. Copies of these tests may sometimes be found as appendices to journal articles, dissertations, books, and other research reports. Often, a researcher will be willing to share a copy of his or her test. In these cases, you should contact the researcher directly.

Databases for Tests & Measures

These databases will help you find information about specific instruments but may not lead you to the instrument itself. You may need to take what information you find in these databases and do some more digging online.

Contact the Health Sciences Librarian for help if you're having trouble locating a research instrument.