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For complete listing of government resources, refer to the Government Information Library Guide

Databases for American Government

Congressional Research Service Reports

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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Documents

Most federal agencies have Freedom of Information offices that administer the provision of internal documents requested through the Freedom of Information Act. Generally there are links to FOIA Web sites from the respective agency home pages. Their contents vary, but among those that provide full text are:

  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)- Documents previously released to the public since November 1996 are contained in this database; goes back at least to 1945; full-text searchable;
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)- not searchable, but has linked subject index
  • National Security Agency (NSA)- contains text of some documents released through FOI; not searchable; has linked subject list
  • The Black Vault- Archives more than 400,000 documents procured through the Freedom of Information Act. Cold War era materials, FBI files, homeland security, Dept. of Defense documents, weapons systems, spy satellites, field manuals and more.
  • -- Created in partnership with Stanford University, this is a "Collection of sites that deal with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and documents. This includes government sites that receive and distribute FOIA documents as well as non-profit organizations and government watchdogs that request large numbers of FOIA documents on specific topics like national security and civil rights."

Documents in American Government