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Zotero: Home

A guide to using the citation management tool Zotero.

About Zotero

Zotero is a free citation manager that makes collecting, organizing, sharing, and citing your sources a breeze. You can save items to your library with one click, and then use Zotero as you write your paper in Word or Google Doc to seamlessly add in-text citations. Then, when you're done, you can automatically generate a works cited list with just one click as well.

  • It's available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS, and it works in the Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Chrome browsers. 
  • Zotero collects research in a single place. You can add PDFs, images, audio files, video files, and more. 
  • It automatically formats bibliographies and citations in the citation style of your choice.
  • To download and install Zotero, head to

The Zotero logo

As mentioned, Zotero is free to use. However, if you have more than 300MB of data in your library, you will have to pay if you want to sync your library to the cloud, which allows you to access your library from other places. If you're only using it on one computer, however, this will not matter.

Assistance with Zotero

The following librarians can help you with your questions about Zotero. Contact them via email or book an appointment directly.

  • Elena Azadbakht, librarian for Public Health, Kinesiology, Psychology, Nutrition, and Social Work
  • Rosalind Bucy, librarian for English, Gender, Race & Identity, History, and Philosophy
  • Ann Medaille, librarian for Education
  • Teresa Schultz, librarian for Journalism, Political Science, and Sociology/Social Psychology