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For questions about current or future Library workshops:


Below is a sampling of the many workshops we can provide for classes or other groups.  Contact us to schedule a customized session to meet your needs. 


Graduate Student Research Toolbox

Learn about library resources and services that are critical for success in graduate research. Topics to be covered include advanced searching techniques, locating dissertations and theses, interlibrary loan, research current awareness services, and research organization tools.


Citation Management: Endnote Basic, Mendeley, or Zotero

Learn to use a reference management tool that allows you to save, organize, and share your own citation library. This workshop covers everything from setting up an account to creating a bibliography in the format of your choice to using an MS Word plug-in to format citations as you write.


Conducting Literature Reviews

Learn about different review types and styles and how to best conduct a comprehensive search across various databases and other online resources. We will also discuss strategies for effectively organizing and synthesizing your sources.


Systematic Reviews

This workshop will cover the basics of a systematic review including study types and methodologies, selecting databases and developing search strategies, and data management and documentation.


Professional Posters and Presentations

Learn to visually present your research through effective design and production of professional posters and presentations.  Workshops can include strategies to maximize the impact of your message during poster sessions and conference sessions.


Data Management

Topics include help finding data, creating a data management plan using the DMPTool, and the basics of proper data management, including steps to consider before, during, and after data collection such as file naming, preserving data files, and data repositories for sharing data.



Topics focus on issues related to copyright in education, such as copying materials and displaying video. They can also focus on issues related to research, including negotiating copyright with a journal, determining your rights as an author, and using the works of others in your research. Includes tools to help users make a fair use decision.


Developing an Online Scholarly Profile

Learn how to create and cultivate scholarly profiles in Google Scholar, ORCID, ResearchGate, Twitter, and other online social media platforms. Topics also include learning about and using scholarly metrics such as the Journal Impact Factor, the H Index, and Altmetrics.


Patents & Trademarks

Learn what patents and trademarks are, what they protect, and how to search for existing or historical patents and trademarks in USPTO and Espacenet resources. This workshop can be tailored to your discipline and course needs and can also include an introduction to the application process to acquire a patent or trademark. 


Makerspace Tools

Learn how to create content for and run various pieces of equipment in DeLaMare Library’s makerspace. Workshops can focus on creating images in Photoshop for use on the vinyl and laser cutters or 3D modeling in Solidworks or OnShape in order to 3D print.  Demonstrations of manual use of equipment can also be incorporated, including the laser and vinyl cutters, soldering station, 3D scanners, and more.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Learn how GIS software can be utilized to create and display your data in a visual way. These workshops are hands-on and will introduce you to digital mapping and spatial analysis using Esri's ArcGIS software. Workshops can include an introduction to GIS, mapping basics, finding and using geospatial data, geoprocessing tools, map layouts, web-based maps, and more.


How to Choose a Journal

Learn about tips and tools that will help you find and identify potential journals to submit your manuscript to, as well as how to evaluate which journal is the best fit for your work.