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What can your liaison librarian do for you?

Liaison librarians have expertise in conducting research within a specific discipline and serve as liaisons to different departments and programs on campus. To learn more, please contact your liaison librarian.

Your liaison librarian can:

  • Provide students with personalized research consultations.
  • Teach sessions on research sources and tools tailored specifically to your course or project.
  • Collaborate on assignments requiring information, technology, and/or media skills.
  • Assist with acquiring library materials that support your research.
  • Create online research guides to link your classes to high-quality resources.
  • Introduce you and your students to some of the spaces and technologies available in the UNR Libraries.
  • Provide reports on library collections and services for program reviews, accreditation reports, grant applications, recruitment information, etc.
  • Serve as a resource regarding questions and projects related to copyright, scholarly metrics, online publishing, data management, and the creation of materials (e.g., multimedia).

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