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Study Carrels

Study Carrels

Leonard Room

Private studies, located in Room 421 on the fourth floor of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center, are reserved for use by faculty, graduate students, and emeritus faculty on a priority needs basis. Up to 16 studies will be reserved for current faculty. Assignments will be made according to the following priorities:

  • Untenured professors, on the tenure-track, requiring extensive use of library print collections
  • Tenured faculty on sabbatical engaged in research requiring extensive use of library print collections
  • Ph.D. candidates, currently enrolled at UNR, writing dissertations requiring extensive use of library print collections
  • Tenured faculty working on book projects that require sustained library use
  • Emeritus faculty and visiting scholars whose work requires sustained use of library materials

Studies are assigned for one year, ending May 31, with an opportunity for a one-year renewal. However, use statistics will be evaluated at the end of each semester. The assignment may be revoked for insufficient use.

Renewal may be denied if candidates on the waitlist have higher priority.

Leeway for renewal for a third year may be possible as demand allows.

Waitlist candidates are re-prioritized each year.

Study occupants who will be away from Reno for a semester in the midst of a research project (research fellowship, teaching abroad, etc.) must surrender the study for the semester.

Study occupants will receive an e-mail notification in early May announcing assignment expirations and renewal process.

Power and wireless are available in each study for use of a laptop.

Read the rules for the use of private studies and lockers, below.

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