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General Science: Careers In Science

On Being a Scientist

Free Ebook to download: On Being a Scientist

Watch the introductory video below to get a general overview.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Occupational Outlook Handbook:  A very useful resource from the United States Department of Labor. This government-published document gives information on hundreds of different job types as well as the training and education needed for employment in each career field. This guide also gives the federal government's best estimate on the potential growth of any career in the next few years. 

Dictionary of Occupational Titles: The Dictionary of Occupational Titles was also created by the US Department of Labor. It is a comprehensive guide that details tens of thousands of jobs and their specific requirements. A good place to get an idea of what jobs are in each field of science  Search here to figure out careers you would be interested in and their educational requirements. * If you are having trouble with the Department of Labor site, click HERE to go to Occupational Info Network, a 3rd party site with up-to-date DOT codes.

Job Search Websites