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Savitt Library Services: Course Reserves

Course Reserve Guidelines


Current Hardcopy Reserve Search

Look up a course reserve book by course name or instructor name.

Course materials may be placed on reserve by submitting a Reserve List Form, which can be obtained at the Savitt Medical Library Circulation Desk. These materials are usually limited to required reading materials for a particular class, although models, slides, etc. may also be placed on reserve. Items will automatically be taken off reserve and faculty-owned items returned to the professor at the end of each semester, unless otherwise specified.

Processing Reserves

Materials are placed on reserve in the order they are received. Processing times vary according to when the materials are received and how many there are. Materials should be submitted at least one week prior to the class's need for the material. Every effort is made to process them as quickly as possible.

In order that materials circulate using the online catalog, all items, including personal copies, have bar-codes affixed to them.

Loan Periods

Reserve material loan periods are set by the professor, at 2 hour library use only, 1 day, 3 days or 7 days. These time periods are based on class size, expected demand and/or to protect the professor's personal material(s).

Reserve Circulation and Overdues

  • Reserve materials may only be checked out with a current WolfCard (UNR ID).
  • Reserve materials are subject to overdue fines of $1.00 per hour for hourly reserves and $5.00 per day for daily reserves, plus $20 billing fee and $50 replacement charges.

Photocopies for Reserve

Photocopies of materials may be placed on reserve if they conform to the U.S. Copyright Law. Conformance to the law requires that a release form be signed by the professor requesting the photocopy be placed on reserve. That photocopy may only be placed on reserve for one semester, unless permission for further use is granted by the copyright holder.

Permanent Reserves

Some items are placed on permanent reserve to maximize their availability and provide security.


Materials placed on reserve by professors are available for restricted circulation. Reserve materials consist of library and personal copies of books, DVDs, VHS, articles, pamphlets, sample exams, and homework solutions for class assignments.

Reserve Location

Reserve materials are found at the Circulation Desk of Savitt Medical Library.

Reserve Circulation

Reserve materials may be checked out with a current Wolfcard (UNR ID).

Reserve Lists

Reserves can be searched on the online catalog.

Loan Periods

The loan periods for Reserve items are set by the professor. These periods may be 2 hour library use only,  1 day, 3 days and 7 days.

Reserve Overdue Fines

Reserve materials are subject to overdue fines of $1.00 per hour for hourly reserves and $5.00 per day for daily reserves, plus $20 billing fee and $50 replacement charges.

Where to Return Reserve Materials

Savitt Medical Library reserve materials must be returned to the Savitt Medical Library. If the library is closed, only then may reserve materials be returned to the outside book drop.


Reserve materials may be renewed, in person, unless another user is waiting for the item.

Permanent Reserve

These are collections of library materials which require security not available in the general book stacks. These items may be checked out the same as other reserves.

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