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Poster Presentations

Medical Faculty Posters

Coger K. Dilemmas in Diagnosing Soft Tissue Tumors: A Case Report 

Glogovac D, Hagen J. Success Through Reporting.  Presented at the AAMC Group of Faculty Affairs Conference, Boston, MA.

Gordon, S., Piasecki, M., Kahn, G. & Nielsen D. Revisions to Alaska Mental Health Statutes. Presented at the UNLV Academic Achievement and Awards Gala, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 28, 2015.

Henner T. Embedding Patient Centered Information into a Patient Centered Medical Home. Presented at the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting. May 2014.

Henner T. Voting with their Seats: Ethnographic Observation of Student Behaviors to Inform Library Space Planning. Presented at the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting/ May 2015.

Klass E. Project ECHO Nevada: Using Interprofessional Teams to Improve Health Care in Nevada 

Pannaga M, Ruihong L, Stone C, Jayaraman V.  Temporal and Regional Trends in Acute Pancreatitis : Does mortality or severity vary with day of admission?  Presented at Chicago for Digestive Diseases Week (DDW 2014).

Pixley JS. Transient neuropsychiatric lupus in an elderly man. Presented at the Annual meeting of the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies, Vancouver, British Columbia, CA (June 22, 2012).

Pixley JS, Skopal-Chase JL, Torabi A, Cenariu MC, Bhat A, Thain D, Frederick NM, Groza DM and Zanjani ED. Immune ontogeny and engraftment receptivity in the sheep fetus. Presented at the Annual Meeting American Society of Hematology San Francisco, CA (December 8, 2008).

Pixley, JS, Sumbul-Yuksel B. Secondary hemophagocytic syndrome (HLS) or macrophage activation syndrome (MAS)complicating presentation of systemic lupus in an elderly woman.

Sagaslli, A, Karki A, Deauna-Limayo D, Singh A, Gadiyaram V, Bilodeau L.  Plasmablastic Lymphoma (PBL):  A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenge.

Sagaslli A, Shetty K ,  Romero A. Methotrexate Pneumonitis: Clinical suspension, approach to diagnosis and treatment.  Dec 6, 2013)

Shultz, M. & Rachal, M. Singular, Plural, and Possessive: Evaluating Differences in Results Based on Form of Search Term. Presented at the Medical Library Association Conference, Austin, Texas, April 2015.

Siddiqui, F, Klass E, Pixley JS. Osteonecrosis of the knee after short-term steroid use. Presented at the Nevada ACP Chapter Meeting Las Vegas, Nevada (Jan 12, 2013).

Tolles R, Shonkwiler G, Jacobs N, Houmanfar R, Reimer D, Baker T,  Piasecki, MCreation of an Institutional Assessment Plan that Drives Medical Education Research.

Wolf BJ, O'Neil WM, Pixley JS. Membranous glomerulopathy associated with rheumatoid arthritis may respond to rituximab. Presented at annual meeting Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies, San Diego, CA (June 9, 2007).

Medical Student Posters

Alaei, S, Bartolome, B, Freedman, C. Efficacy of Electronic Cigarettes in Smoking Cessation for Adult Smokers

Albanese, J, Chino, J, Penalosa, B. Antipsychotic medication use in treatment of dementia: Is it associated with an increased risk of mortality?

Chan M, Liu X, Sanchez K. National Survey of Length of Stays from Hospital Discharges between 2001-2010

Childs R, Mischel N, Crane RC. Efficacy and Safety of Factor Xa Inhibitors in the Prevention of Stroke in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

Coffee S, Hall E, Rogers S. The Effects of Naloxone Rescue Programs on Opioid-Overdose Outcomes

Doos D, Hollister N, Micheli R. Does education about hepatitis B improve vaccination rates among the homeless population vs the general population?

Eckroth L, Lee D, Phillips, T. Utilization and Impact of Syringe Exchange Programs Among Intravenous Drug Users

Despujos, F Najand, H Ochoa, Efficacy of Smartphones in Weight Loss

Farino L, Waters, T Yeung J. Impact of vaccination on mortality in geriatric populations

Foggia M, Granstrom M, Matthews, S. Impact of School-based Nutrition Education Programs on BMI in Children

Guillen B, Hong A, Lei S. The Effects of Psilocybin and LSD on Anxiety Associated with Life-Threatening Illness

Gross C, Horner L, Jose C. Does fragmented implementation of the SAFE strategy (surgery, antibiotics, face washing, environmental improvements) reduce the prevalence of active trachoma infections among children aged 0-9 years?

Lilly AJ, Kurnik CG, Measom RJ. Efficacy of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for Recurrent C. difficile Infection

Lopez R, Thomas B, Hartman A. Effect of tamper-resistant/abuse deterrent formulations on the abuse potential of opioids

March JK, Christensen AJ, Dudley RM. Sensitivity and Specificity of Emerging Technologies for Noninvasive Diagnosis of Melanoma

Mittenzwei R, Morrison A, Williams C. Parental Education Level and the Impact on Child Vaccine Status

Moody C, Michael E, Peckham A. Effects of Abstinence-Only Sexual Education on Risk of Teen Pregnancy

Neiman J, Sadeghi A, Louie A. The Effect of Restrictions in Abortion Access on Overall Abortion Rate

Prasad S, Shafi A, Wonnaparhown A. Safety of Electronic Cigarettes as an Alternative to Conventional Cigarettes

Warner D, Hugdal S, Clifford C. Long-Term Outcomes of Weight Loss Intervention in Adolescents