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Reserving Knowledge Center Rooms

If you require a meeting or event space and do not see the room you need when following the instructions below for online-reservations, please call Library/IT Admin at (775) 682-5684 for assistance. Note that several in-demand spaces such as the Rotunda and the Bible and Keyser Conference rooms must be reserved through the Admin office.

How to Reserve Rooms Online

The EMS portal allows students and faculty/staff to reserve Group Study Rooms on the fourth and fifth floor of the Knowledge Center.  The portal also allows for requests regarding spaces reserved for specific activities.

Group Study Rooms

  1. Reservations are available for the Group Study Rooms on the fourth and fifth floors of the Knowledge Center as well as in the DeLaMare Library
  2. Group Study Rooms can only be scheduled by groups with two or more people.
  3. Reservations are available up to 8 days in advance
  4. Each NetID may reserve a total of 6 hours within 8 days including a maximum of 1 booking per day and 2 bookings per 8 days.
  5. To begin the self-booking process:
    • Log-in to the EMS system with your NetID.
    • Room reservations can be made by hovering over the reservations icon and selecting "Room Request"
    • Fill in the "When and Where" section of the Room Request area. Be sure to select the proper facility you wish to request a room in. Once you have filled in all the fields select the "Find Space" button.
    • Once room preferences are submitted available rooms will be displayed. Select the room by clicking the green plus symbol. If there is a scheduling conflict for the room a pop-up box will appear and the room will not be booked.
    • When a room has been selected click the yellow "Continue" button at the bottom of the page, this will switch the view over to the "Details" tab. Details about the room reservation will be asked for in order to complete the booking of the room.
    • Before submitting the reservation verify the email address is correct as this will be where the confirmation is sent.

To make a Group Study Room reservation go to

Refer to General Policies for Reservations ( for additional information.

Reservations must be entered by 4:00 p.m. the day before the room is required, or before 4:00 p.m. on Friday if the room is required on a weekend day or on Monday.

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