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Qualitative Research: Tools

Transcription Tools

Some transcription services are listed below, most of which charge a fee. In addition, many qualitative research software providers also offer transcription services at an additional cost. If you are conducting interviews over Zoom, you can use the audio transcription feature that it provides.


Student cost of each of these software packages:

Tutorials & Training

To learn more about these tools, go to:

Qualitative Research Analysis Tools

Several popular types of software for qualitative coding and analysis are listed below. To see others, go to computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software or qualitative data analysis software: free software

Connecting to Remote Services

NVivo software can also be accessed through the DataWorks remote software. You can launch software applications hosted on the university’s remote services from any online computer. If you are using a Mac you will need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to remote services. Microsoft Windows users do not need to install a client/app. To connect simply go to and login with your NetID.

If you need assistance, contact the Office of Information Technology:

  • Computing Help Desk, Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center Atrium
  • 775-682-5000

Selecting a Qualitative Research Tool

Consider these factors when choosing a software for qualitative analysis:

  • Cost
  • Types of files supported (text, PDFs, media, etc.)
  • Ease of coding
  • Format of the output
  • Ability to work collaboratively, if necessary
  • Ability to integrate quantitative data for mixed methods analysis, if necessary

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