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How to Print

1. Hit Print

Remember that page size is limited to 8 1/2" x 11 except in @One where multiple sizes are available.

2. Select Printer

The default for printers are Black and White. If you wish to print in color or double sided you will have to select the color printer or duplex printing.

3. Go to Print Station

Go to the printing station on your floor. All print stations on the floor that you are working on will have your print job.

4. Slide Your WolfCard

Slide your WolfCard and select your print job from the touch screen.

5. Retrieve Your Print Job

Prints can be retrieved in the printing cabinets. The printers are set in the cabinets.

Mobile Printing from Your Device

You can send documents via e-mail from your mobile device to any printer in the Knowledge Center, DeLaMare, or the Savitt Medical Library. Mobile Printing Instructions


If you have any questions or issues with finding/borrowing materials, please contact the Library Services Desk.

How to Print

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