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Off-Campus Access Basics

How do I log in?

Quick answer: As long as you start from the library website, just find what you want and log in with your NetID when prompted.

More detailed instructions:

  1. Find the library resource you need, starting on the library website. You can also customize Google Scholar to give you UNR links.
  2. Click on the links to get the resource. (This may be a "Full text" link, a PDF button, or the Libraries' "Find It" button.)
  3. When prompted, log in with your NetID.
  4. You will then be passed through to the resource you wanted. You will usually have to log in only once per web session.

Not sure what your NetID is?

UNR users must activate their NetID once. You do not need to activate it again for off-campus access. Visit the UNR NetID help page to activate your NetID, change your password, or get help. The Computing Help Desk can be reached at (775) 682-5000.



There is some content in OneSearch that, for off-campus users, will only appear if you are logged in. Web of Science and its citation counts is one example of this.

On-campus Login

The following databases and online content providers will always require you to log in with your NetID, even on-campus:

Need more help?

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need more help with off-campus access.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Use of the online databases, ejournals, and ebooks provided by the University of Nevada is governed by license agreements.  These agreements require the University to give access only to its students, faculty, and staff (though, in most cases, they also allow use by unaffiliated visitors who are physically present on campus). They also place certain obligations on the individual user.

Among these are the following:

  • To use the information contained in these products for personal, noncommercial purposes only;
  • To refrain from systematically downloading significant portions of the online content;
  • To refrain from redistributing the content to others outside the University community;
  • To refrain from copying or tampering with the software by which the information is organized and displayed.

As you use these resources, please keep the above obligations in mind.  If you fail to adhere to them, you may lose your network privileges and face other disciplinary action.  Severe breaches of the license terms can result in the entire University losing access to important online resources.

For more details about your obligations when using University computing and network resources, see the Information Technology Policies page

19 October 2018

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