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Loan Periods and FInes

Loan Periods and Fines

Loan periods vary by patron type - see details under each patron type. Fines are the same for all patron types.


Holds on Records & Suspension of Privileges


Your borrowing privileges are suspended when you have accrued charges of $20.00 or more.

Fines for course reserves must be fully paid prior to checking out additional reserve items.

A "hold" will be placed on your student record when charges exceeding $40 are accrued in the library. A "hold" on you record will prevent you from ordering transcripts and registering for classes. Holds will only be removed once the fines are paid in full.

You will be sent to collections for fines of $65 or greater, 20 days after the item due date. Your borrowing privileges will be blocked and a hold will be placed on your record.

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