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WebCampus Library Modules: WebCampus Library Modules

A list of WebCampus Library Modules in the Canvas Commons for use in UNR courses.


For questions about current or future WebCampus Library Modules contact Rayla Tokarz

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WebCampus Library Modules

Below is a list of WebCampus library modules you can upload from the Canvas Commons into your courses. 

An Introduction to PubMed

An overview of PubMed, a database containing over 30 million citations from the biomedical literature and an important health sciences resource. 



Brief introduction to the elements and formatting of Chicago-style citations with an emphasis on the notes and bibliography system.


Citation Searching

An introduction to citation searching, which involves using citations as a starting point for literature searches rather than keywords.


Evaluating Sources

An overview on how to evaluate different sources.


Finding a Topic

How to find a topic for a research paper or project.


Finding and Accessing Books

How to search for books, request items from MARS, and use the library of congress classification system.


Finding Articles & Journals from Citations

How to find specific articles and journals using OneSearch and the Journals Tab.


Finding News and Magazine Articles

How to find news and magazine articles using advanced search features.


Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

An overview of the peer review process and how to locate peer-reviewed journal articles.


Finding Sources

An overview of different types of research materials and what they offer. 


Finding Streaming Video

An overview of streaming media resources and how to find videos.


Generating a Research Question 

How to generate a research question based on specific criteria.


Introduction to APA Citation Style 

An introduction to APA references and in-text citation formatting.


Introduction to Plagiarism (with APA Citation)

An overview of the common problems with accidental plagiarism using APA citation style.


Introduction to Plagiarism (with MLA Citation)

An overview of the common problems with accidental plagiarism using MLA citation style.


MLA Citation 

An introduction to MLA citations and in-text citation formatting.


Organizing Library Research 

An overview of different parts of a scholarly article and examples for note-taking strategies.


Research Data Management

Learn the basics of research data management as well as where you can find help at the University of Nevada, Reno.


Search Tips

An overview of search tips for searching OneSearch and library databases.


Searching for Music Scores

How to search for digital and physical music scores using keyword and advanced search functions in the library catalog.


Searching for Primary Sources

An overview of primary sources including how to find them in OneSearch and the library databases. 


Using Google Scholar

An introduction to Google Scholar and its search features. 


Using Keywords

How to develop and select keywords used in OneSearch and library databases.


Writing an Annotated Bibliography in APA Style

An overview of strategies that you can use to write an annotated bibliography.