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Laser Cutting

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The DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library offers laser cutting services on our Epilog Helix 24 laser cutter. Our laser cutter can engrave and vector cut a variety of materials, included laserable plastics and wood.  Metal can be engraved but not cut through and pvc materials cannot be used in the laser cutter as it produces a toxic gas.

Laser cutter.

Epilog Legend Series Technical Specifications:

  • Engraving Area: 24" x 18"

  • Maximum Material Thickness: 8.5"

  • Maximum Material Thickness with Table Removed: 11"

  • Engraving Area with Table Removed: 23.5" x 17"

  • Laser Wattage: 75 watts

  • Laser Type: CO2

  • Resolution: User controlled from 75 to 1200 dpi.


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The DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library also offers vinyl cutting services on our 50" US Cutter SC Series vinyl cutter. We currently offer vinyl in 24" width in a variety of colors at $2.91 per foot of length. See the chart below for more information regarding cutter specifications and materials that can be cut!

image of vinyl cutterSC Series Vinyl Cutter Specifications

  • Maximum Cut Width: 52.75"

  • Maximum Cut Length: 12'

  • What it Cuts: Standard Vinyl, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Paper, Craft Paper, Card Stock, Paint Mask

  • What it Cannot Cut: Tint, Laminate, Sand Blast Resist, Low-Intensity Reflective, High-Intensity Reflective, Un-backed or un-linered media without the use of a carrier sheet

  • Speed: 31 in/s

  • Force: 350 g

Need some inspiration? 

Use the links below for directions and templates to laser cut your own lamp! Courtesy of Nicole Miller, UNR Art Department.