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Historical Mining Research: Start your Research

Welcome to the Historical Mining Research Guide

Nevada Mining Histories and Works contain a lot of details on specific historical mines. 

Identify Your Area of Interest

  • Check a state map and/or atlas for the US and/or specific area to locate exact area if you do not already know  the quad name.
  • Determine state, county, 1:250,000, 1:100,000, 15' and 7.5' topo sheet name (be sure to identify the 15' map because the 7.5' sheets may be new).
  • Note any specific place names in area of interest: valleys, ranges (Virginia Range, etc.), mountains, mining district (Comstock, etc.).
  • To identify (metal) mining district names, see Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology (NBMG) Report 47 or web site:

Geologic Research Tips

Are you seeking geologic information or geologic maps on a particular area?
With assistance from the staff, the following steps will help you to research geologic materials in the DeLaMare Library: (see below)

  • Identify Area
  • Nevada
  • California
  • Other States
  • World
  • Suggested Titles

There are many areas of Nevada, the U.S., and the World for which there is no detailed geologic information. What may be found will differ greatly by area. NOTE: Most maps are not in the UNR online catalog.

Research Tips

Excerpted from CSSINFO in Engineering Village:

Searching is a process, not a one-time event. There is not one magical search term that will find all the results you are looking for.  If you're having difficulty finding what you need, we suggest you try the following tips to get moving in the right direction.  Also, before giving up on finding what you're looking for, ask the reference staff for assistance — that's what we're here for!

  • Check your spelling.
  • Use various forms of words. If you are interested in piping, try "pipe" or "pipes" as well as "piping".
  • Narrow your search by using multiple words related to your subject. For example, entering "quality control manufacturing" will yield more relevant results than entering "quality control".
  • Broaden your search by using fewer search words.
  • Try using synonyms or other similar words. For example, "tanks" are often called "reservoirs"
    and "power" and "energy" are often interrelated.
  • Use the correct collection to get results most relevant to your search. For example, if you're using the Library Catalog, do NOT search for the titles of journal articles. The Library Catalog lists ONLY the titles of the journals themselves

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