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GIS (Geographic Information Systems): ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap)


ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap)

UPDATE: 4/2022 - STUDENTS - ESRI has retired student authorization codes, therefore, we can no longer provide ArcGIS Desktop's software application or renewal licenses for personal computers. You can still access ArcMap on Remote Dataworks Desktops and Library DataWorks Lab Computers. See below for details. OIT will support ArcGIS Desktop application 10.8.1 through 2023 (ESRI through 2025). Contact OIT for any questions or help with ArcGIS Desktop. Please transition to ArcGIS Pro.

A complete suite for desktop GIS that includes ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcGlobe, ArcScene, + all extensions.

ArcGIS Desktop is a software program for GIS professionals to create, analyze, manage, and share geographic information so decision-makers can make intelligent, informed decisions. It allows you to create maps, perform spatial analysis, and manage data. You can import multiple data formats and use powerful analytical tools and workflows to identify spatial patterns, trends, and non-obvious relationships.

This page provides information on Student access, Faculty and Staff access, and Training tutorials.


This page provides detailed information to help you access ArcGIS Desktop software:

For Your Personal Computer

Student License for Desktop is no longer available. Please contact OIT and request Desktop License through their Software Request Form for ESRI.

Access Remotely - Virtual Desktop

Remote Services are resources offered by the University that can be connected to virtually.  Virtual Campus Resources include Virtual Dataworks Desktop environments for active students, faculty, and staff to access campus software.

  • DataWorks – BlueWolf is a remote desktop environment available to all active students, faculty, and staff. It is designed to complement academic and instructional activities and includes numerous software titles to assist with such subjects as programming, mathematics, chemistry, geography, and more. It also includes the Microsoft Office Suite (excluding Outlook).
    • This desktop offers software such as ArcMap, QGIS, Anaconda Navigator (python consoles), R Studio, Matlab, etc. This desktop does not include ArcGIS Pro.
  • DataWorks – SilverWolf is a remote desktop environment available to active students, staff, and faculty who are doing more resource-intensive or high-powered work on a remote connection. For instance, are you computing large data sets for academic purposes, SilverWolf can grant you a more dedicated system that will allow the data processing to proceed more smoothly and reduce strain on BlueWolf for the rest of the Campus.
    • Access to SilverWolf must be requested through OIT with a valid business or academic purpose. To request access, report an issue, or request to add a software title to the desktop, visit the Access a Virtual Desktop Collection – Request Service to submit your ticket to TeamDynamix or call the OIT helpdesk at (775) 682-5000.
    • Featured software includes ArcGIS Pro, ENVI, R, Google Earth Pro and more.
  1. Open any browser and go to
  2. Follow the directions on Connecting to the Virtual Desktop via Remote Website.

If you are on a personal computer or have admin rights, you can download the RemoteApp to access Remote Desktops.

Once you download the Microsoft Remote Desktop App and set up your workspaces (DataWorks), you will launch the app from your applications, sign in with your NetID, accept the Disclaimer and wait for about 10 – 30 sections for your desktop to load.

If you have any issues accessing any virtual desktops via remote access please contact OIT's phone, chat, or help desk for further assistance.

Library Computer Labs

ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) software is available on the UNR Libraries computer labs listed below:

  1. GIS Depot in the DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library, Basement Level. 10 computers with dual screens. These computers have ArcGIS Desktop and Pro installed.
  2. Dataworks South Computer Lab in the DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library, Basement Level. 18 computers with dual screens.
  3. Dataworks North Computer lab in the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center has ArcGIS Desktop applications. ArcGIS Pro is not available.


Please contact OIT and request Desktop License through their Software Request Form for ESRI software. 

*ESRI has discontinued updating ArcMap. Please start transitioning to ArcGIS Pro. See ArcGIS Pro page for details. 


Getting Started with ArcMap

Esri Academy is a free online training resource and course catalog that provides a variety of options and learning paths for GIS. This academy is a self-paced learning platform to help GIS users at all levels to learn basics, applications, data management, mapping, spatial analysis, data science, field operations, scripting, imagery, remote sensing, 3D visualization and analytics for workflows, enhance projects with geographic context, and create information that leads to better decision-making. To learn more go to ESRI Academy Training Courses. Here are some recommended courses and paths to check out for ArcMAP.

  • Getting Started with GIS  - A GIS helps people visualize and create information that can be used to make decisions and solve problems. Get an introduction to the basic components of a GIS. Learn fundamental concepts that underlie the use of a GIS with hands-on experience with maps and geographic data. This course uses ArcMap.
  • ArcMap Fundamentals – This is a Learning Plan for ArcMap. It includes 4 (free and required maintenance) web courses. Use the resources in this plan to be productive quickly and master commonly used tools to map, analyze, maintain, and share GIS data and information products. Along the way, you'll learn core GIS concepts that will help you create accurate maps and produce reliable analysis results. You will need ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcGIS Online.