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Mathewson IGT Knowledge Center

The MIKC has four spaces available for donation bins, if you would like to reserve a space please contact the events coordinator Stephanie Flatt at or Mel Chiguichon For more information on the bins please see below.

Labeling Bin Expectations

  1. Bin must have two clear signs with the following information: 1. Name of responsible club/ department, 2. Charitable Organization (Agency), 3. List of items to be collected. 4. Place signs on the front and back of the bin.
  2. Contact information: 1. Name of responsive contact, 2. Name/number (or email) of that person(s), 3. Date/time bin was dropped off and expected pick-up date/time. 4. Place information on the side of the bin.
  3. Bin must be emptied on a regular basis.  

Minimum height of bin: 2 ft. tall (if you have difficulty acquiring a box of these dimensions please contact Stephanie at 682-5103). 

Questions: Stephanie Flatt 775.682.5103 | Mel Chiguichon 775.682.5010

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