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Access Online Library Resources: A Guide for Users: Google Chrome Proxy Bookmarklet

Information on using and troubleshooting problems with access to online resources, on- and off-campus.

Instructions for Google Chrome Proxy Bookmarklet

These instructions illustrate how to install the proxy bookmarklet in the Google Chrome browser. There is also general information about the proxy bookmarklet here. For details on other browsers, see the pulldown options under the "Tools to help you" tab.

1) Make sure the Bookmarks Tool Bar is turned on:

 This link contains instructions on how to turn on your Bookmarks Bar.

2) Drag and drop the following link onto your browser's favorites or bookmarks bar:

Reload in UNR proxy server

Screenshot of bookmark link in browser


3) Select the bookmark to edit:


Right click on "Reload in UNR Proxy server"

Screenshot of opening bookmark in browser


and change the bookmark label to something easy to remember like "Proxy It!".

Screenshot of renaming bookmark in browser

4) Now it's ready to use!


Screenshot of bookmark on browser bookmark bar

The proxy server bookmarklet lets you connect to databases and journals without going through the library website. If you go to directly to a publisher or organization web page that has access restrictions, this bookmarklet will ask you to log in with your NetID and then pass you through to the resource you were looking for. (NOTE: This only works for resources the library subcribes to. If the library does not subscribe, you can use interlibrary loan to request resrouces that you need.)

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