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Scholarly Metrics & Altmetrics: Mapping Your Work

Tools for measuring scholarly impact, journal impact factors, altmetrics, and managing your scholarly identity.

Challenge 4 - Mapping All You Do

We're officially in the second half of the Scholarly Impact Challenge - congrats! This week we're asking you to map what you actually do in terms of scholarship and service - and what you and others in your field actually care about.

What It Is

We've adapted a scholarly activity worksheet created by Rebecca Welzenbach at the University of Michigan that you can fill out for yourself. The goal of this worksheet is to help you think about EVERYTHING you do related to scholarship and service. Often times we get so focused on publishing those peer reviewed journal articles and books that we completely forget about many, many other things we do that also count. Sometimes those things matter to us, sometimes they matter to others, and sometimes they matter (or could matter, if included!) when someone is evaluating your work, such as if you're applying for a job or going up for tenure. 

What To Do

We've created a Google Sheet version of the worksheet that you can view. You can then either print it and fill it out by hand or make your own digital, editable copy by selecting File, and then Make a Copy. You can then check each activity as it applies to you. Try to focus on just the work you've done in the past 5 years.

There's a lot on this list, and many of the items likely won't apply to you. That's OK - just leave them blank. But hopefully this gets you thinking about all your work, so if you don't see something on the list, feel free to add it. 

Also, please don't feel you have to go through the entire list immediately. But even just skimming it over will help with next week's challenge.


No advanced challenge this week - take it easy!