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Biology 192: Principles of Biological Investigation: Articles

Is It Peer Reviewed?

Use Ulrichs Web to check whether or not a journal is peer reviewed. Look for the term "Refereed".

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Article Searching Basics

The following databases are good places to look for biology articles. The first two are the most useful for your insect projects, while the following two cover a variety of related science disciplines. Most databases contain a mix of peer-reviewed/scholarly articles and popular articles. Keep these tips in mind when searching:

  • AND returns results containing all terms: sagebrush AND allelopathy
  • OR returns results with either term:  sagebrush OR artemisia
  • Quotation marks " " return results using that specific phrase: "life history"
  • Truncation * returns results with a root word and any ending: microbio* [finds microbiol, microbiology, microbiological, etc ...]

To see all the University of Nevada, Reno Libraries' databases: A-Z Database List

Best Resources for Finding Articles