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Mining Engineering & Metallurgy: Nevada Mining Stocks and Claims

Guide to finding historical mining stocks and claims in Nevada

The University Libraries staff are not able to determine if there is any value of stocks or certificates. 

Below is a list of information outlined for you to research this on your own successfully. We will be happy to assist you in the library with the resources we do have.  

Mining Books and Reports

Suggested Books and Reports in the University Libraries

Physical books and publications may be found in DeLaMare Library located inside the Mackay Mines Building, the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center or Special Collections & Archives (located in the Knowledge Center). Please check the Libraries’ website for the catalog records for availability and location. Here is a link to the Libraries’ hours

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Old Stock and Bond Certificates 

An old stock or bond certificate may still be valuable even if it no longer trades under the name printed on the certificate. The company may have merged with another company or simply changed its name. Keep in mind that due to corporate reorganizations (such as splits, mergers, or reverse mergers), the current share price may not be useful in determining the certificate's value, if any.  If the name of the transfer agent is printed on the certificate, contacting the transfer agent is the easiest way to learn about the certificate.  If the transfer agent whose name appears on the certificate is no longer in existence, contacting the state agency that handles incorporations in the state in which the company was incorporated may prove useful.  Certificate holders who have a brokerage account may want to ask their broker if they can assist in researching the certificate. 

Other research resources may be found on the Internet, at public libraries, stock exchanges, or stockbrokers' offices. Even if you learn that a certificate has no investment value, you may find that the certificate itself has value as a collectible. - U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 

Need a research service to help you? 

America West Archives is a stocks and bonds research service company from Cedar City, UT that will investigate old stocks and bonds. ($35 - $45 per company) 

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Information Needed for Research: 
  1. Company Name (Company that issued the stock) 
  2. Date of Issuance (Date stock certificate was issued) 
  3. State of Incorporation (Incorporated under the laws of <STATE>) 
  4. Additional useful information - Stock certificate number and number of shares issued

Other Resources

Reference Materials

Nevada Division of Minerals (NDOM) Mining Stock Certificates page provides information on how to search for current or historical Mining Stock Certificates. Please refer to this webpage to help guide you.   

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology (NBMG) 's Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library houses mining records for Nevada. They do not have a comprehensive database of all mines.  Please refer to their webpage about Mining Records to help guide you.  

Below are the resources that are mentioned in the guides above. 

Suggested Online Resources 

NBMG Mining Districts Interactive Map consists mainly of historical and current maps, reports, articles, reports, photographs, correspondence, essays, and more. Please refer to the Mining Districts User Guide for additional instructions and information.  

NBMG's Mining District Database File Search may be used to search by district, county, title, author, date, property, mine, or claim (PMC) and or commodity. You can search all fields, including notes simultaneously, by entering a search string in the "All Fields" box.  

Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records has a Nevada Mining Reports 1893-1931 Digital Collections with reports to the legislature by the Inspector of Mines, the Ore Sampler, the Virginia City School of Mines and Others.  The Mining Inspector provided Biennial Reports to the Legislature from 1909 – 1930, which included names and locations of mines in operation, what kinds of extractions, and all kinds of data.

They also have a Nevada State Land Patents Digital Collection comprising of 24 volumes of nearly 14,000 land patents ranging from 1865 - 2013. This collection provides information about selling state lands.  

Nevada Historical Society (NHS) Nevada Historical Society has an extensive research collection related to Historical Mining in Nevada.  Check out their Research Library about resources available, location, hours, etc. 

NDOM's Nevada Division of Minerals Open Data Site is an interactive mapping and data download tool, including Nevada active mining claims, notices, commodities, and occurrences.  Mining has played a significant role in Nevada's history and continues to be a substantial contributor to Nevada's economy. Over one million mining claims have been located in the state since the mining law of 1872 was passed. As of June 21, 2019, there were 204,588 active mining claims within the state. 

US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) provides access to General Land Office Records, including land patents, survey plats and field notes, land status records, control document index records, tract books, and land catalog. 

Other Options - Donating your old stock certificates

Local - donating old stock certificates (regardless if they are valid or not): 

Clark County Heritage Museum 
1830 S. Boulder Highway 
Henderson, NV 89015 

Article: What to do with an old Stock Certificate, Enoch Pratt Free Library  

Article: Old Stock Certificates: Lost Treasure or Wallpaper?