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Mining Engineering & Metallurgy: Technical Reports

What is a Technical Report?

What is a Technical Report?

Technical reports describe the process, progress, or results of technical or scientific research. They include in-depth experimental details, data, and results.

Reasons to Use

Technical reports are usually produced to report on a specific research need. They can serve as a report of accountability to the organization funding the research. They provides access to the information before it is published elsewhere.

Technical Report Resources

Need a Report?

Need a technical report that the library doesn't have? Request it via our Interlibrary Loan program for free and we will get you a copy.

How to Write a Technical Report

Here are some resources that help explain what is usually included in a technical report and how to write them!

What is a Standard?

What is a Standard?

A standard is a prescribed set of rules, conditions, or requirements concerning definitions of terms; classification of components; specification of materials, performance, or operations; delineation of procedures; or measurement of quantity and quality in describing materials, products, systems , services or practices.

(From: National Policy on Standards for the United States and a Recommended Implementation Plan, National Standards Policy Advisory Committee, Washington, D.C. Dec. 1978, p.6)

Reasons to Use Standards

Standards allow technology to work seamlessly and establish trust so that markets can operate smoothly. They:

  • provide a common language to measure and evaluate performance
  • make interoperability of components made by different companies possible
  • protect consumers by ensuring safety, durability, and market equity

(From: NIST)

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