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Nevada Rangelands: Research and Education

University of Nevada, Reno Rangelands Theses and Dissertations 1939 - 2003

Research on or about rangelands has been conducted at the University of Nevada Reno for well over 50 years. The following are theses from the University of Nevada, Reno about rangeland resource issues. This list, while extensive, may not include all theses. The list was developed by searching the Library catalog of the University of Nevada, Reno for all theses. The search result was reviewed to identify those theses whose titles indicated the thesis occurred on rangelands or pastureland and addresses a rangeland issue (e.g., plant growth, wildlife) or a historical aspect of rangelands. The following list is an initial effort to document the history of rangeland research in Nevada and improve the availability of the information to land managers and citizens who can use the research results.


Hartman, Christopher A. Irrigated pastures and postponed cattle grazing: strategies for augmenting wetland avian production.  CALL # GE999 .H378 2003.

Paul, Angela. Arsenic characterization within the lower Humboldt River Basin, Nevada.  CALL # RA899 .P385 2003.

Niell, Rebecca S. Modeling ecological and economic benefits of post-fire revegetation in the Great Basin: an application of processes.  CALL # HD999 .N545 2003.

Roscow, Nina. The Mono Basin: environmental restoration as a legacy of land use planning.  CALL # HD89 .R673 2003.

Schlobohm, Paul M. NDVI-derived green-up date for the national fire danger rating system.  CALL # GE999 .S356 2003.

Courtois, Danielle R. Assessment of long-term herbivory and associated effects on vegetation and soils at selected ecological exclosure sites Nevada.  CALL # GE999 .C687 2003.

Weatherly, Heather E. Controls on litter decomposition in the Mojave Desert current and future levels of atmospheric CO2.  CALL # GE999 .W438 2003.


Wehking, Pamela Mebine. The role of the seedbank in the restoration of a basin big sagebrush-dominated riparian ecosystem to a dry meadow.  CALL # GE999 .W445 2002.

Chen, Hongjun. Ecophysiology of Lepidium latifolium, an invasive exotic, in response to root oxygen stress.  CALL # RA899 .C546 2002.

Kreskey, Lisa A. Greater sage grouse lek habitat evaluation of Elko County, Nevada, using remote sensing & GIS.  CALL # GE999 .K747 2002.

Noonan, Erin K. The application of FARSITE for assessing fuel treatments in the eastern Sierra Nevada.  CALL #G E999 .N666 2002.

Hollander Jennifer. The effectiveness of different species of rodents as dispersers of singleleaf piñon pine (Pinus monophylla).  CALL # QH999 .H655 2002.

Thomsen, Roy William. The role of social capital in the ranch-public range community of Nevada.  CALL # HC999 .T566 2002.


Breland, Adrienne E. Automatic classification of vegetation and land degradation with large scale, color infrared, aerial imagery.  CALL # GE999 .B745 2001.

Krauter, Karl G. Fuel model mapping on east side Sierra ecosystems.  CALL # QH999 .K738 2001.

Wright, Johnnie Michael. Restoring sagebrush-dominated riparian corridors using threshold and alternative state concepts: aboveground vegetation response.  CALL # GE999 .W754 2001.

Snow, Kimberly M. Carnivores and the fleecing of American taxpayers: predator control subsidies and the decline of the Western sheep industry.  CALL # GE999 .S669 2001.

Coates, Peter S. Movement, survivorship, and reproductive behavior of Columbian sharp-tailed grouse translocated to Nevada.  CALL # QH999 .C638 2001.

Newman, Sarah Lynn. Relationships among stream and riparian habitat measurement methodologies on the Marys River, Nevada.  CALL # GE999 .N496 2001.

Séquin, Eveline S. The influence of social status on coyote vulnerability to photo-capture.  CALL # QH999 .S478 2001.

Farnham, Irene M. Characterization of ground water using trace element chemistry and multivariate statistical analysis.  CALL # RA899 .F376 2001.

Hitchcock, Cynthia J. The status and distribution of the Northern leopard frog (Rana pipiens) in Nevada.  CALL # QH999 .H583 2001.


Meeuwig, Michael H. Thermal effects on growth, feeding, and swimming of Lahontan cutthroat trout.  CALL # Thesis 4551.

Mandeno, Petronila E. Prescribed fire effects in mixed conifer stands in the Lake Tahoe Basin.  CALL # Thesis 4580.

Maus, James M. Event oriented runoff modeling of small watersheds: a comparison between WMS and PRMS.  CALL # Thesis 4594.

Rafferty, Dawn Lori. Revegetation of arid lands: spatial distribution, ecology and biology of desert needlegrass (Achnatherum speciosum).  CALL # Thesis 4610.

Veech, Joseph A. Apparent competition among seeds of desert plants: causes and consequences.  CALL # Thesis 4623.

Davis, Catherine A. Influences of alluvial fans on local channel geomorphology, incision and vegetation dynamics in the Toiyabe and Monitor ranges of Central Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 4680.

Ashley, Michael C. Feral horses in the desert: population genetics, demography, mating, and management. CALL # Thesis 4668.

Rahn, Matthew E. Nevada bat conservation: analysis of distribution and habitat use.  CALL # Thesis 4711.

Blomquist, Sean M. Monitoring and modeling the viability of the Columbia spotted frog (Rana luteiventris).  CALL # Thesis 4717.

Fleury, Scott A. Population and community dynamics in western riparian avifauna: the role of the red-naped sapsucker (Sphyrapicus nuchalis).  CALL # Thesis 4766.

Printz, Lisa. The genetic variation of an invasive perennial, Lepidium latifoliumL. (Cruciferae), across the western United States.  CALL # Thesis 4683.


Bateman, Sheryl L. Effects of habitat fragmentation in Great Basin sagebrush-bunchgrass communities for small mammals and arthropods. CALL # Thesis 4350.

Martin, David W., (Environmental biologist). Species interactions and recovery potentials of Nebraska Sedge/Kentucky Bluegrass meadows in central Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 4357.

Castelli, Regine M. Soil plant relations along a soil water gradient in central Nevada riparian meadows.  CALL # Thesis 4382.

Linnerooth, Amy R. Restoring sagebrush dominated riparian corridors using seedling establishment to demonstrate alternative stable states.  CALL # Thesis 4385.

Bradley, Timothy Scott. Prescription fire in western ecosystems: microsite recovery of vegetation in a pinyon juniper woodland, and bark beetle response to fire injured trees in the Lake Tahoe basin.  CALL # Thesis 4418.

Moore, Darrin J. Responses of leaf gas exchange to environmental variation in two widely dispersed Juniperus species versus a narrowly restricted endemic, Petrophytum cinerascens.  CALL # Thesis 4438.

Field, Kimberleigh J. Translocation as a conservation tool applied to the Desert Tortoise: effects of the pre-release availability of water.  CALL # Thesis 4446.

Ross, Christopher. Population dynamics and changes in Curlleaf Mountain Mahogany in two adjacent Sierran and Great Basin mountain ranges.  CALL # Thesis 4490.

Kinerson, Dean. The varying effects of riparian vegetation on the maintenance of undercut banks of moderate-gradient streams in Great Basin rangelands.  CALL # Thesis 4509.

Simpkin, Janice L. Distribution, population genetics, and biogeography of Nevada Odonata.  CALL # Thesis 4511.

Beever, Erik A. Species- and community-level responses to disturbance imposed by feral horse grazing and other management practices.  CALL # QH999 .B448 1999.


Bell, Traci Ann. Sediment trapping by riparian vegetation of varying heights for gully restoration.  CALL # Thesis 4096.

Sherve, Jon D. Simulated response of the basin-fill deposits to mine dewatering in Maggie, Marys, and Susie Creek Basins, Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 4164.

Schroeter, Robert Egon. Segregation of stream dwelling Lahontan cutthroat trout and brook trout : patterns of occurrence and mechanisms for displacement.  CALL # Thesis 4206.

Hall, Mark. Identification, measurement and monitoring of cover types involved in the desertification processes with Landsat thematic mapper data.  CALL # Thesis 4218.

Yoder, Carolyn K. Below-ground resource acquisition by plant species in the Mojave Desert.  CALL # Thesis 4223.

Kiirats, Olavi. Regulation of photosynthesis at above-ambient CO2.  CALL # Thesis 4258.

Limb, Michael Craig. Vegetation mapping and landscape structure analysis of a northwestern Nevada rangeland using Landsat Thematic Mapper data with image processing and GIS techniques.  CALL # Thesis 4277.

Leavitt, Katrina. Plant establishment on angle of repose (AOR) dump slopes.  CALL # Thesis 4299.

McNeil, D. Jean. Vegetation change along the Humboldt Trail: a look at resource deterioration.  CALL # Prof. 033.


Balok, Cody C. Wheat middling supplementation for steers grazing intermediate wheatgrass.  CALL # Thesis 3932.

Fleishman, Erica. Mesoscale patterns in butterfly communities of the central Great Basin and their implications for conservation.  CALL # Thesis 3949.

Ellis, Ellen Kay. Characterizing patterns of a western great basin landscape.  CALL # Thesis 3963.

Epps, Tammy Marie. Historical biogeography of Eusattus muricatus (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) within the Great Basin, western North America.  CALL # Thesis 4015.

Mullen, Christine Owen. Mammalian response to Pleistocene/Holocene environmental change in the Great Basin: the jackrabbit's tale.  CALL # Thesis 4028.

Ayers, Michael Benson. Aerial multispectral videography for vegetation mapping and assessment of beaver distribution within selected riparian areas of the Lake Tahoe basin.  CALL # Thesis 4016.

Ward, Jeanette Lyn. A three-stage system to treat acid mine drainage at the Leviathan Mine in Alpine County, CA.  CALL # Thesis 4018.

Delehanty, David John. Mountain quail reproduction and restoration in the Great Basin.  CALL # Thesis 4078.

Klotz, Jonathan R. Riparian hydrology and establishment of woody riparian vegetation.  CALL # Thesis 4079.

Ch‘en, Yüan. Environmental impacts of mercury contamination associated with mining.  CALL # Thesis 4083.


Myers, Thomas J., 1952- The stochastic structure of rangeland streams.  CALL # Thesis 3659.

Jones, Allison L. Effects of cattle grazing on a desert rodent community in the Great Basin.  CALL # Thesis 3656.

Franklin, Abraham J. Riparian vegetation mapping in the Sierra Nevada using airborne digital multispectral videography and image processing.  CALL # GE999 .F7365 1996.

Leedy, Craig R. Identification and mapping of sagebrush/grass successional stages with Landsat thematic mapper data.  CALL # GE999 .L4439 1996.

Benner, Stephen L. Using numerical analysis to identify ecological types within wet meadow systems of the northern Sierra Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 3737.

Dunham, Jason Benjamin. The population ecology of stream-living Lahontan cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarki henshawi).  CALL # Thesis 3868.

Miura, Tomoaki. Analysis of wetland/riparian vegetation of Owens Lake, California using hypertemporal remote sensing.  CALL # Thesis 3774.


Kennedy, Tom B. Stream ecology of warner sucker (catostomus warnerensis) larvae in the Warner Valley, Oregon.  CALL # Thesis 3478.

Alstatt, Alice L. The potential impact of raven predation on sage grouse production in Nevada.  CALL # GE999 .A4783 1995.

Breck, Stewart W. Use of an ecotone to test the effects of soil and desert rodents on the distribution of Indian ricegrass.  CALL # Thesis 3527.

Charlet, David Alan, 1953- Great Basin montane and subalpine conifer diversity: dispersal or extinction pattern?  CALL # Thesis 3601.


Huber, Scott A. Cattle grazing a riparian mountain meadow: effects of low and moderate stocking densities on nutrition, behavior, diet selection, and plant growth response.  CALL # Thesis 3290.

Clements, Darin Charlie. Influence of rodent predation on antelope bitterbush seeds and seedlings.  CALL # Thesis 3283.

Masters, Linda S. Successes in riparian management for Nevada watersheds.  CALL # Thesis 3380.

Basavaraju, Kalpana. The spectral characteristics of eastside Sierra Nevada chaparral fire types.  CALL # GE999 .B3738 1994.


Seeger, Barbara Lyn. Photosynthetic and morphological acclimation of wet meadow graminoids to decreasing soil water availability under natural and glasshouse conditions.  CALL # Thesis 3145.

Zonge, Kimberlee Lynn. Drought year streambank profile changes on downcut streams in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  CALL # S999 .Z66545 1993.

Sippel, Ellen Marie. Photopoint analysis of riparian habitat of central Oregon streams under winter and spring grazing.  CALL # Thesis 3439.


Kleinfelder, Donald J. The effect of herbaceous roots on the unconfined compressive strength of some streambanks.  CALL # Thesis 2901.

Kolseth, Terry Lynn. Water requirements of three riparian graminoids.  CALL # Thesis 2965.

Dunaway, Donette. The effect of herbaceous plant communities and soil textures on particle erosion of alluvial streambanks.  CALL # Thesis 2922.

Basey, John Martin. Foraging behavior by beavers in relation to food quality and predation.  CALL # Thesis 2959.

Keller-Hatzell, Jody A. Distinguishing variability in western Nevada pinyon/juniper woodlands using remotely-sensed and ground-based data.  CALL # Thesis 2985.

De Rocher, Theodore. Measuring water use of single-leaf pinyon utilizing allometric, potometric and porometric methods.  CALL # Thesis 3010.

Burcar, Scott Anthony. Seasonal preferential flow and nutrient transport in selected Sierra Nevada soils.  CALL # Thesis 3031.


Doorenbos, Dirk S. Water balance computation methods for evaluation of remote watersheds within the Great Basin.  CALL # Thesis 2775.

Charlet, David Alan, 1953- Relationships of the Great Basin alpine flora: a quantitative analysis.  CALL # Thesis 2765.

Zamudio, Desiderio Cristobal. Matching stream type to riparian subsystem Taxa on alluvial reaches in Northeastern Nevada.  CALL # S999 .Z3683 1991.

Nowak, Cheryl L. Reconstruction of post-glacial vegetation and climate history in western Nevada: evidence from plant macrofossils in Neotoma middens.  CALL # Thesis 2746.

Kamyab, Iradj. Streambank stability prediction for C6 stream type reconstruction.  CALL # Thesis 2859.


Urie, Susan Cole. The evaluation of SPUR 1: early and late season grazing of crested wheatgrass in central Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 2638.

Myers, Thomas J., 1952- Stream morphology, stability and habitat in northern Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 2675.


Conroy, Scott D. Cattle grazing and environmental effects on willow planting survival and growth.  CALL # Thesis 2461.

Melgoza, Graciela. Soil resources exploitation after fire: interaction of Bromus tectorum (cheatgrass) with native species.  CALL # S999 .M4556 1989.

Hinshaw, Jay M. Rangeland monitoring methods for northeastern Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 2522.

Maui, Wilhelm. Assessing the impacts of proposed alternative federal grazing policies on rural economies: the case of Humboldt County, Nevada.  CALL # HD999 .M3859 1989.

Rule, Michael I. The effects of cattle grazing on the distribution of mule deer on summer range in northeastern Nevada.  CALL # QH999 .R8546 1989.

Stigar, Mark S. Hunting low density sage grouse populations.  CALL # QH999 .S7544 1989.

Hannon, Genivieve D. Spectral evaluation of arid land vegetation: using remote sensing techniques for rangeland monitoring.  CALL # Thesis 2572.

Olson, Nancy Chrystine. Quality assessment of twenty allotment management plans from the Surprise Valley Resource Area.  CALL # QH999 .O4766 1989.


Henderson, Donald E. Great Basin wildrye recruitment for stand maintenance.  CALL # Thesis 2356.

Manning, Mary Evelyn. The ecology of rooting characteristics of four intermountain meadow community types.  CALL # Thesis 2348.

Burnside, Leslie Miller. The Nevada Plots: the long term effects of livestock grazing and protection from grazing on selected Nevada range sites.  CALL # QH999 .B8767 1988.


Bray, Martin Paul. Feeding ecology of white-faced ibises in a Great Basin Valley.  CALL # Thesis 2185.

Zunino, Gary W. Harvest effect on sage grouse densities in northwest Nevada.  CALL # GE999 .Z8656 1987.

Kenny, Bruce R. A test of a soil-suitability guide for rangeland seedings: crested wheatgrass in Ruby Valley, Nevada.  CALL # S999 .K4669 1987.

Schultz, Brad. Ecology of curlleaf mountain mahogany (Cercocarpus ledifolius) in western and central Nevada: population structure and dynamics. UNR CALL # QK999 .S3889 1987.  CALL # Thesis 2221.

Whalley, Criss Robert. The effect of dicamba, chlorsulfuron and sulfometuron methyl on selected range grass species.  CALL # Thesis 2245.

Kartesz, John T. A flora of Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 2400.


Wilson, Jon S. Controlling black greasewood with fire and tebuthiuron on depleted Great Basin wildrye sites in northwestern Nevada.  CALL # QH999 .W55766 1986.

Koniak, Susan. Successional processes in pinyon-juniper woodlands in the Great Basin.  CALL # Thesis 2056.

Johnson, R. J. (Richard Joseph). The hydraulic geometry of mountain stream channels.  CALL # S999 .J6467 1986.

McCuin, Gary L. A multiobjective approach for analysis of federal range investments.  CALL # Thesis 2137.

Rhodes, Laura A. Nutritive characteristics of crested wheatgrass.  CALL # Thesis 2132.

Morrell, Thomas E. The influence of cattle grazing on mule deer diets and habitat in Aspen community of northeastern Nevada.  CALL # QH999 .M6774 1986.

Wilson, Richard O. Aerial and near surface spectral characteristics of eight Nevada rangeland communities.  CALL # QH999 .W5576 1986.

Jarek, Lawrence Brian. A photographic history of vegetation changes on the Humboldt National Forest.  CALL # Thesis 2045.

Evans, Carol Cameron. The relationship of cattle grazing to sage grouse use of meadow habitat on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge.  CALL # GE999 .E936 1986.


Morrow, Julie L. Factors affecting spatial behavior and activity patterns of cattle on a mountain big sagebrush site.  CALL # Thesis 1982.

Platou, Karen Astrid. Plant successional patterns on seral sagebrush/grass ranges in northern Nevada.  CALL # QH999 .P5386 1985.

Mooney, Melissa Jane. A preliminary classification of high-elevation sagebrush-grass vegetation in northern and central Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 2000.

Davison, Jason C. Revegetation of disturbed saline-sodic soils with grasses using selected herbicides.  CALL # Thesis 2016.

Nachlinger, Janet Lynn. The ecology of subalpine meadows in the Lake Tahoe region, California and Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 2037.

Gilleard, James B. Optimum temperature for germination and fungal control of Pinus monophylla seeds.  CALL # HC999 .G5554 1985.

Hoff, Jolyne Karen. Predicting stream channel morphology of "natural" and "impacted" mountain watersheds in northern Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 1968.


Worley, David Keith. Raptor breeding biology and responses to transmission lines in northern Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 1940.

Kuehl, Gregory Hart. Aircraft-borne radiometers for rangeland vegetation and soil surface assessment.  CALL # Thesis 1904.


Longland, William Scott. Prey selection by Great Horned Owls (Bubo virginianus) in central Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 1783.

Beres, Patrick. Acid-sulphate tolerant range plants for sulphide-mine reclamation in the Great Basin.  CALL # Thesis 1799.


Kaplan, Davene. Establishment and culture of grasses on saline-sodic soils.  CALL # Thesis 1748.

Golden, Howard. Bobcat populations and environmental relationships in northwestern Nevada.  CALL # QH999 .G6534 1982.

Mason, Robert B. Response of birds and rodents to controlled burning in pinyon-juniper woodlands.  CALL # QH999 .M376 1982.

Lewis, Steven R. The effect of grazing intensity on forage selectivity of cattle on Basin wildrye plant communities.  CALL # Thesis 1706.

Sharsmith, Helen K. Flora of the Mount Hamilton Range of California.  CALL # QK149 .S47 1982.


Schmidlin, Thomas W. A statistical description of Nevada soil temperatures.  CALL # Thesis 1560.

Morris, Michael Patrick. The economic feasibility of integrating shed lambing on to a Northeastern Nevada range lambing operation.  CALL # Thesis 1516.

Garoian, Leon. A dynamic linear programming model applicable to range cattle operations.  CALL # Thesis 1575.


McGraw, Jerrold F. Landsat computer-aided analysis techniques for range vegetation mapping.  CALL # QH999 .M347 1980.

Neel, Larry A. Sage grouse response to grazing management in Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 1471.

Haley, Ross D. Ecology and management of Sermophilus elegans nevadensis in North-Central Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 1466.

Owen, Robert M. Classification of mule deer habitat using biophysical variables.  CALL # QH999 .O946 1980.

Lucier, Gary S. The economic impacts of introducing sheep to range cattle operations in Northeastern Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 1430.

Stephens, Jennifer Lee. Seedling emergence on vesicular crusted surfaces as affected by artificial and natural cattle trampling.  CALL # Thesis 1432.


Mohler, Robert Richard John. A radiation based water balance model for the pinyon-juniper woodland of the Great Basin.  CALL # Thesis 1342.

Torell, David J. A nutritive evaluation of Elymus Cinereus with the use of fistulated and intact cattle.  CALL # Thesis 1390.

Armstrong, Rena Mae. The effect of animal weight, grain and hay on total feed intake of steers.  CALL # Thesis 1381.

Cooper, Blair R. An evaluation of alkali sacaton and salt grass meadow using fistulated cattle.  CALL # Thesis 1387.

Meeker, Jo O. Interactions between pronghorn antelope and feral horses in northwestern Nevada. CALL # Thesis 1318.


Presley, Alice Ruth W. Synoptic patterns and precipitation in the pinyon-juniper zone of the Great Basin.  CALL # Thesis 1279.


Kauffeld, Jon D. Availability of natural prey and its relationship to coyote predation on domestic sheep.  CALL # QL999 .K384 1977.

Stager, D. Waive. Mule deer response to successional changes in the pinyon-juniper vegetation type after wildfire.  CALL # QH999 .S734 1977. UNR CALL # Thesis 1157.

Pierce, James. Leaf anatomy of Artemisia tridentata subspecies tridentata.  CALL # Thesis 1172.

Shepard, Darrel Fayne. Prediction of sagebrush-grass site biomass from growth ring analysis. CALL # Thesis 1175.

Lohrey, Michael H. Variable sources of suspended sediment & nutrients from small watersheds.  CALL # Thesis 1179.

Butterfield, Richard I. The revegetation potential of the Leviathan mine spoils. UNR CALL # S999 .B888 1977.  CALL # Thesis 1151.

Foti, Pamela E. User perceptions and attitudes for wildland recreation planning.  CALL # Thesis 1150.

Ward, Kenneth V. Two-year vegetation response and successional trends for spring burns in the pinyon-juniper woodland.  CALL # Thesis 1263.


Roundy, Bruce A. Influence of prescribed burning on infiltration and sediment production in the pinyon-juniper woodland.  CALL # HC999 .R686 1976.

Wood, Martin. The effects of vesicular horizons on emergence of grasses and shrubs.  CALL # Thesis 1040.

McPherson, Emily K. The distribution of cacti in Nevada with a key to the species present.  CALL # QK999 .M364 1976.

Panik, Howard Ronald. The vertebrate structure of a piñon-juniper woodland community in Northwestern Nevada.  CALL # QH999 .P365 1976.


Monroe, Leslie A. Condition and trend of selected deer winter ranges in Nevada.  CALL # HC999 .M667 1975.

McAdoo, Kent. Predation on domestic sheep in Northeastern Nevada.  CALL # HC999 .M333 1975.

Wood, Spencer Hoffman, 1938- Holocene stratigraphy and chronology of mountain meadows, Sierra Nevada, California.  CALL # QE699 .W66 1975b.

Farrens, Paul Joseph. How recreational land developments affect local vegetation, a predictive model.  CALL # HC999 .F377 1975.


Hainline, James L. The distribution, migration, and breeding of shorebirds in western Nevada.  CALL # QH999 .H356 1974.

Halvorson, Ronald M. ERTS-1 imagery for vegetation mapping and phenology detection in Nevada.  CALL # HC999 .H358 1974.

Beeson, C. Dwight. The distribution and synecology of Great Basin pinyon-juniper.  CALL # QH999 .B447 1974.

Gustafson, John Roger. Vertebrate structure of a sagebrush community, Washoe County, Nevada.  CALL # QH999 .G878 1974.

Everett, Richard L. Plant and soil water potentials in big sagebrush and shadscale communities.  CALL # S999 .S847 1974.

Booth, D. Terry. Photographic remote sensing techniques for erosion evaluations.  CALL # HC999 .B668 1974.


O'Farrell, Michael J. Seasonal activity patterns, population dynamics and spatial relationships of rodents in a sagebrush community.  CALL # QL999 .O337 1973.

Tausch, Robin J. Plant succession and mule deer utilization on pinyon-juniper chainings in Nevada.  CALL # Thesis 0755.

Wright, Darrel Alfred. Decomposition of Pinus monophylla Torr. & Frem. needle litter and associated fungi in a pinyon-juniper community in western Nevada.  CALL # QH999 .W754 1973.

Mead, Thomas Lowry. Pheasant production on lands diverted for wildlife and other cover types.  CALL # HC999 .M433 1973.

Smalley, Gene H. Stabilization of copper mine tailings and over-burden waste dumps in eastern Nevada.  CALL # S999 .S635 1973.

Ikari, David Koike. Income gains from potential efficiency improvements in Nevada range beef industry.  CALL # HD999 .I437 1973.

Giezentanner, Keith Irvin. Habitat preferences and reproductive characteristics of the mourning dove in northern Nevada.  CALL # HC999 .G549 1973.


Brown, John C. A preliminary analysis of factors affecting nitrogen and phosphorus production from small watersheds.  CALL # HC999 .B769 1972.

Ratliff, Joe Michael. Remote sensing evaluations of phreatophytic vegetation in Nevada.  CALL # HC999 .R385 1972.

Laville, Benoit. Russian knapweed: differential susceptibility to 2, 4-D and picloram.  CALL # S999 .L385 1972.

Kugler, John Lee. Some effects of freezing temperatures on seed production of five forage grasses.  CALL # S999 .K845 1972.

Pudney, Richard Alvah. Food preferences of mule deer on the Ruby-Butte study area.  CALL # HD999 .P836 1972.

Swanson, John David. Color infrared photography for analysis of vegetation changes in Hot Creek Valley, Nevada.  CALL # HC999 .S936 1972.


Pellegrini, Steven W. Home range, territoriality and movement patterns of wild horses in the Wassuk Range of western Nevada.  CALL # SF999 .P455 1971.

Oakleaf, Bob. The relationship of sage grouse to upland meadows in Nevada.  CALL # SF999 .O255 1971.

Delmas, Richard Emmett. Mule deer food habits and condition on the Ruby-Butte study area.  CALL # SF999 .D456 1971.

Stallings, J. Dan. Variation in protein and herbicidal response among clonal lines of Russian knapweed.  CALL # HD999 .S735 1971.

Rimbey, Carl W. Factors affecting the nutritive value of mountain meadow forage.  CALL # HD999 .R563 1971.

Davis, J. Barry. Estimating plant production from soil and floristic correlates in Hot Creek Valley, Nevada.  CALL # HC999 .D385 1971.

White, John Aaron. Climate, plant, soil and water relationships to a wildlife plan.  CALL # S999 .W458 1971.

Sehr, J. Scott. Color and color infrared aerial photography for waterfowl habitat evaluation.  CALL # HC999 .S447 1971.

Quilici, Lynn. The capacity of rural ranch lands to be taxed.  CALL # HD999 .Q555 1971.

Drewien, Gary. Food habits and weight relationships of mourning doves in northern Nevada.  CALL # HC999 .D749 1971.

Hartman, Craig D. An economic evaluation of herbicide use and related improvements on northern Nevada rangelands.  CALL # HD999 .H378 1971.


Kelleher, James V. The ecological distribution of the summer birds of the Carson Range (eastern Sierra) in the area of the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park.  CALL # QL999 .K455 1970.

Arosteguy, Daniel J. An economic analysis of deer hunting in Nevada.  CALL # HD999 .A767 1970.

Messinger, Richard Joseph. Factors affecting chemical control of salt-cedar.  CALL # S999 .M477 1970.

Tower, Jerald D. Vegetation stagnation in three-phase big game exclosures and its effects in determining forage utilization.  CALL # HD999 .T694 1970.

Lorain, Garwin E. 70 mm large scale aerial photography for range resources evaluation.  CALL # HC999 .L673 1970.

Pon, Gerritt J. An economic analysis of Nevada rangeland for big game production and utilization.  CALL # HD999 .P662 1970.

Boardman, Merry Lepper. A study of the California valley quail in a desert habitat: with special reference to social behavior.  CALL # QL999 .B637 1970.

Fenemore, Robert M. Plant succession in a receding lake bed in the western Great Basin.  CALL # QH999 .F464 1970.


Kelly, William F. Demand interrelationships for outdoor water-based recreation at northwestern Nevada lakes.  CALL # Thesis 0384.

Summerfield, Harry B. Pedological factors related to the occurrence of big and low sagebrush in northern Washoe County, Nevada.  CALL # S999 .S866 1969.

Bashir, Sulahria Mohammad. Hydrophobic soils on the east side of Sierra Nevada.  CALL # HC999 .B375 1969.

Schuman, Gerald Eugene. Boron tolerance of tall wheatgrass (Agropyron elongatum).  CALL # S999 .S386 1969.

Ralston, Gene Lloyd. Plant zonation on dune sands of Washoe Lake, Washoe County, Nevada.  CALL # QK999 .R357 1969.

Frelich, James R. Emergence force of forage seedlings and emergence of grass seedlings through wax crusts.  CALL # HD999 .F745 1969.

Oliver, George Ronald. Effect of several growth regulating chemicals on the drought resistance of selected tall fescue and orchard grass populations.  CALL # S999 .O438 1969.

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