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Basque: Statistical data

Government Statistical Services

  • Eustat: The statistical service of the Basque Autonomous Government. Provides access to data about Biscaye, Araba and Guipuscoa.
  • Instituto Navarro de Estadística: The statistical office of the Government of Navarre.
  • INE: Instituto Nacional de Estadística is the official statistical service of the Spanish Government.
  • INSEE: The Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques provides access to the statistics of the French Republic.


Being a stateless nation, sometimes it could be difficult to obtain statistical data about the whole Basque Country. Divided in two states, the researchers will need to search on different statistics offices and aggregate the data themselves. This is why Gaindegia, the Observatory for the social and economic development of the Basque Country, was set up on 2004. They focus mainly on socio-economic statistics, doing the hard work of searching, compiling, and consolidating it. Then, this data is provided via three services: