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Share OnTheBoards.TV Videos with Permalinks

In order to share a link directly to a particular video or audio file, simply copy the link found under the Share button:

Screenshot indicating share button

1.) If you have logged in to OnTheBoards.TV from off-campus, the link in the browser address bar should automatically contain the correct proxy information (which prompts people who are not on campus to log in).

2.) If you are on campus when you copy the link, you will need to add the proxy prefix to the URL. Otherwise, anyone off campus trying to use the link will not be able to log in to access the streaming video or audio on the website.

Follow these steps to construct a link with the correct proxy information:

  • Copy link from the Share button. It should look like this:
  • Add the proxy prefix:
  • The resulting URL should look something like this:

OnTheBoard.TV: System Requirements

Are you having trouble viewing the site? Here are currently supported web browsers:

If your browser is among those listed above and you continue to have problems viewing the site, please let us know!

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