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Download Cite While You Write plug-in

What is Cite While You Write?

The Cite While You Write (CWYW) plug-in connects your EndNote Online account to MS Word. You can use CWYW to add in-text citations to your papers as you write them. As you add in-text citations with CWYW, a reference list will be automatically created in your chosen bibliographic style (Chicago, AMA, APA 7 etc.). 

Download the CWYW plug-in for EndNote under the Downloads tab. There you will find links to install plug-ins for Windows and Mac computers. Note: Make sure all MS Office applications (Outlook, Word, etc.) are closed before installing the plug-in. You can download Cite While You Write on multiple computers, wherever you use Word.

Screenshot of downloads page with links to Windows and Macintosh plug-ins highlighted

Note: Cite While You Write does not work with Office 365. You will need to use a desktop version of Word.

Once you have installed Cite While You Write, open MS Word and you'll see there is now a tab for EndNote. When you click on the EndNote tab, you will be prompted to enter your EndNote email and password.

Screenshot of new EndNote tab in MS Word


First, choose which bibliographic style you want to use by clicking on the drop-down Style menu. Here you will find a range of referencing styles available to you but if the style you want to use is not listed, click on Select Another Style to see the full list. 

Screenshot of the Select another style drop-down menu


To insert a new citation click on the Insert Citation button in the EndNote toolbar. Make sure that your insertion point is where you would like to add the citation to your document. A new pop up box will appear that will allow you to search through your citations in EndNote using keyword, author, or title. 

Screenshot of EndNote toolbar with Insert Citation button indicated


Screenshot of Find and Insert window and Abadi Marand citation is selected.

Select the reference you want then press Insert. Your in-text citation will appear in your document at the insertion point and the full citation will be added to the end of  your document. 

In-text citation:

Word document with APA formatted in-text citation highlighted


Word document with APA formatted reference at end of document

Selecting Your Favorite Styles

If you would like a tailored list of your most-used styles, you can choose which styles you would like to add to your Favorites list.

In EndNote Online, click on the Format tab then Bibliography. In the pop up window for Bibliography, click Select Favorites.

Screenshot of Bibliography pop up window with Select Favorites indicated

Screenshot of Select Favorites window with the bibliographic style called JAMA highlighted and the Copy to Favorites button indicated