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Some databases (such as PubMed and Embase) do not offer a direct import for EndNote. Instead, you must save your citations as a text file and then import them into EndNote.

  1. Perform a search in PubMed. Select the checkboxes to the left of the records you want to add to EndNote
  2. Click the Send to button and select Citation manager from the drop-down menu

Screenshot of drop-down menu Send to button in PubMed. Citation manager is highlighted


  1. A new dialog box opens. Click on the Create file button then save the file on your computer (you can delete this file after the references are imported to EndNote.

Screenshot of new dialog box with Create File button highlighted


  1. Now that the references are downloaded, you can import them into EndNote. In EndNote, click the Collect tab and select Import References

Screenshot in EndNote with Collect tab and Import References highlighted


  1. Click the Choose File button and browse your computer for the saved file

Screenshot in EndNote Import References. The Choose File drop-down menu is highlighted


  1. In the Import Option drop-down menu, select PubMed (NLM)

Screenshot of the Import Option menu with PubMed NLM highlighted

Note: You can add Import Options to a list of your favorites so you don't have to keep searching for the options you use most frequently. When you click on Select Favorites, find the option you want and then click on Copy to Favorites.


  1. In the To: drop-down menu, you must select a group, create a new group, or select [Unfiled]. If you create a new group, you can name the group after you click Import

Screenshot of list of available groups in the To drop-down menu with New Group highlighted