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StatsChats: Useful Links


Useful links for StatsChats participants.

Download R:

CRAN website

Download R Studio:

Rstudio main site
R projects (useful feature of RStudio)
Rstuio online learning resources

R Introductory Tutorials and Courses

Datacamp’s- “Intro to R”
Prelude in R
R for beginners
Hadley Wickhams “R for Data Science” Modern Dive
Data carpentry course Many other resources Many R Books (and other useful resources)
NCEAS tutorial- oldie but goodie

R Examples (some people learn best by just playing with existing code!)

R by example

R reference cards (print ’em out and hang by your office desk!)

Short Reference Card
More comprehensive reference card
Data management reference card
RStudio cheatsheets- very useful!
Includes cheatsheets for R markdown, shiny, data wrangling with “dplyr” and much more!

R Markdown (for publishing and communicating in R. This website was built in R Markdown!)

Guide for Pandoc Markdown
Website development for RMarkdown
YAML: YAML Ain’t Markup Language!
a nice simple Markdown syntax guide

GIT (for sharing your code and collaborating with others!)

Excellent intro GIT tutorial (seems to be broken…)

Bayesian Statistics

MCMC for Dummies… (basis of MCMC lecture…)
BUGS online manual
secret BUGS tricks
Approximate Bayesian Computation: overview
Bayesian Methods for Hackers!
NIMBLE (alternative implementation of BUGS language for R)

Time Series Analysis

A regression approach to time series analysis


Practical guide to ordination for Ecologists

Tree-based machine learning

Breiman’s guide to Random Forest
Vignette: boosted regression trees for species distribution modeling

Structural Equation Modeling and Bayes Nets

Random but relevant blog post
“bnlearn” package documentation for Bayes nets

Spatial Analysis in R

Spatial Data Science with R and Terra package

Spatial Capture Recapture (secr)

‘secr’ Google Group
BUGS code for secr