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AccessEngineering User Guide: Annotate with Hypothesis

Annotating with Hypothesis Tutorial

Annotate with Hypothesis

For annotating content on AccessEngineering, you can utilize Hypothesis, an open-source annotation tool that can be used across any digital resource. Create a free Hypothesis account to save and access annotations in AccessEngineering and across any other websites you use.


Highlighting location of website of steps described below to use Hypothesis.

  1. Click the Annotate button from any content page to open the Hypothesis toolbar
  2. Choose a group to share annotations with or save to your personal account
  3. Select text quickly highlight or add an annotation
  4. Categorize your annotations with tags, edit or delete your annotations, or reply to annotations in a group
  5. Click on your account to see all your annotations across different resources or across different groups
  6. View annotation content and link to visit in context
  7. Display current group members or invite new members with the shareable link
  8. Get additional help on using Hypothesis from their FAQs and tutorials