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As Director of Liaisons and Research  Services, I work extensively with students and faculty to help them access the resources they need for teaching, learning, and research. I also provide library instruction for undergraduate and graduate classes, in-person research consultations, and library collections support for the College of Education. Finally, I serve as Associate Editor for the journal Evidence Based Library and Information Practice.


Ph.D., Education, University of Nevada, Reno

M.S., Library Science, University of North Texas

M.A., Theatre, University of Colorado at Boulder

B.A., English & Theatre, Trinity University

Selected Publications

Medaille, A., & Usinger, J. (2019). Engaging quiet students in the college classroom. College Teaching, 67(2), 130–137.

Schultz, T., & Medaille, A. (2019). Spinning a scholarly story: Using faculty interviews to develop a scholarly communications agenda for liaison librariansAssociation of College & Research Libraries 2019 Conference Proceedings (pp. 569-577). 

Medaille, A., Goldrup, S, & Abernathy, T. (2019). Assessing rigor in teacher education: Do NCTQ’s guidelines measure up? The Teacher Educator, 54(1), 72–89.

Medaille, A., & Usinger, J. (2018). “That’s going to be the hardest thing for me”: Tensions experienced by quiet students during collaborative learning situations. Educational Studies.

Medaille, A., & Beisler, A. K. (2017). Using images to understand students’ approaches to the research process. 2016 Library Assessment Conference Proceedings (pp. 340–349).

Beisler, M., & Medaille, A. (2016). How do students get help with research assignments? Using drawings to understand students’ help seeking behavior. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 42(4), 390-400.

Brown, N. E., Bussert, K., Hattwig, D., & Medaille, A. (2016). Visual literacy for libraries: A practical, standards-based guide. Chicago: ALA Editions. 

Blithe, S. J., Carrera, W., & Medaille, A. (2015). Stories of service-learning: Guidelines for increasing student engagement with digital storytelling. Journal of Library Innovation, 6(1), 60–74.

Medaille, A., Beisler, M., Radniecki, T., Ressel, M., Slater, H., Cooper, D., Foster, N. F. (2015). Exploring group study at the University of Nevada, Reno. New York: Ithaka S+R. 

Ennis, D., Medaille, A., Lambert, T., Kelley, R., & Harris, F. C., Jr. (2013). A comparison of academic libraries: An analysis using a self-organizing map. Performance Measurement and Metrics, 14(2), 118–131.

Hattwig, D., Bussert, K., Medaille, A., & Burgess, J. (2013). Visual literacy standards in higher education: New opportunities for libraries and student learning. portal: Libraries and the Academy, 13(1), 61–89. 

Medaille, A., & Shannon, A. W. (2012). Co-teaching relationships among librarians and other information professionals. Collaborative Librarianship, 4(4), 132–148.

Medaille, A. (2010). Creativity and craft: The information-seeking behavior of theatre artists. Journal of Documentation, 66(3), 327–47.

Kurt, L., Kurt, W., & Medaille, A. (2010). The power of play: A new approach to library innovation. Journal of Library Innovation, 1(1), 8–23.

Other publications listed through Google Scholar Citations.

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