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Finding Full-Text

Is everything in OneSearch available as full text?

No. There is a lot of full text, but OneSearch also includes entries from scholarly bibliographies and indexes such as the MLA Bibliography or ERIC that may not be available as full text in the UNR Libraries. Titles that are not available can be requested through Link+ or Interlibrary Loan.

If you see "Check availability" for a particular title, clicking on that link will search all of the Libraries' online holdings; if we do not have access to your title, you will get a link to interlibrary loan.

Search here to find only full-text materials in OneSearch:



Use filters to narrow your searches to full text

OneSearch searches across the library’s online and print holdings to give you results in one easy search. Filters on the left side of the screen let you easily narrow your search by format, full-text availability, discipline, date ranges, subjects, and more. You will be connected directly to the full text of materials that match your search terms, whenever possible.

Screenshot of the Full Text Online facet in OneSearch

Does OneSearch actually search the full text of articles and books?

When publishers allow it (approximately 70% of the time), the full text is searched along with key fields such as title, author, and subject.

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