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About OneSearch

What is OneSearch?

What is OneSearch?

OneSearch searches across the library’s online and print holding to give you results in one easy search. Filters let you easily narrow your search by format, full-text availability, discipline, date ranges, subjects, and more.

Screenshot of a venn diagram that highlights what resources are included in OneSearch such as library catalog items which are items physically located in UNR Libraries, digital collections which include images, documents, recordings, and maps, and research databases which include e-journal articles, e-books, streaming media, and other subscription content. A small portion of the Library Catalog and Digital Collections are not included in OneSearch, and some information found in specialized databases cannot be found in OneSearch.

Will OneSearch give me full-text articles?

You will be connected directly to the full text of materials (articles, ebooks, streaming media) that match your search terms, whenever possible. You can use the filters to see only results that include full text or the streaming resource online.

What does OneSearch search?

OneSearch searches over 100 million books, ebooks, scholarly articles, audiovisual resources, images, and more. It includes:

  • the library catalog
  • articles from online journals
  • streaming audio and video
  • local digital collections (images, videos, documents)
  • digital repositories from universities, museums, and open-access archives around the world

When to use Onesearch

OneSearch is great for:

  • Getting started on your research
  • Searching for different formats at the same time, such as articles, books, and videos
  • Researching interdisciplinary topics
  • Searching by keyword across author, title, and subject fields, as well as the full-text of items (Approximately 70% of OneSearch content includes searching across the full text of the item.)

OneSearch searches most but not all library holdings. In-depth or comprehensive research may be better done in subject-specific databases.