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Teaching & Learning Technologies

Introduction to WebCampus

WebCampus is UNR's Learning Management System (LMS) and is powered by Canvas. All academic courses at UNR have shells in WebCampus by default*, and instructors should at the least upload their syllabus into the system for access by students. More extensive uses of WebCampus include uploading learning materials and online quizzes, and maintaining assignment drop-boxes. The following resources are available to help you get started using WebCampus:

Understanding and Building your Course

The basic structure of a course should be kept as simple as possible yet provide the student with the all the materials they need to be successful. There are a few basic steps to follow to create all the materials and interactions students will need to be successful in your course.

Teaching with WebCampus

WebCampus is a valuable platform for enhancing the teaching and learning experience. While students love to have WebCampus available as a means to check grades over the weekend or to gain access to assignments from home, instructors benefit from the ability to communicate through announcements and manage grades easily within the system. The following documents provide guidance on tools and functions that assist in the teaching process:

WebCampus Student Resources

WebCampus powered by Canvas provides an online platform with many features which your instructors may elect to use for your classes. WebCampus is important to your success as a student, and the resources on this page will guide you to successfully utilize it.

Schedule for upcoming student workshops. No registration required, just drop-in!
Date Time Location
Monday, August  28, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM MIKC 114
Tuesday, August  29, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM MIKC 114

Where to go for Help with WebCampus

Get assistance with WebCampus:

Student Assistance

  • UNR Helpdesk: (775) 682-5000 | or visit the helpdesk on the 2nd floor of the Knowledge Center
  • Canvas help button: while in WebCampus click on the help icon located at the bottom left corner of your screen for quick access to your instructor and the online Canvas Guides.

What to Know About WebCampus Right Now:

Log in at with your NetID and password. Your course will be accessible to you the Friday before the semester starts, or once your instructor publishes it.

Your WebCampus courses may be simple or complex, depending on how your instructors have set them up. Here are five things that are good for every UNR student to know about WebCampus:.

How do I get started?

  • Once logged into WebCampus, you will see a tile for each course you’re enrolled in. For login issues, please contact the UNR Computing Help Desk. If you don’t see a course, check with MyNevada to confirm your enrollment. Changes in enrollment can take up to 48 hours to appear in WebCampus.
  • You can email your instructor from the Canvas Inbox once your instructor has published the course.
  • Check the Calendar link on the blue left sidebar from any page to see assignments that have due dates in all of your classes.
  • A mobile app is available, but be aware that using iOS or Android devices will not provide the Canvas full experience.

How do I set up my profile and and notification preferences?

  • Under Account, you can Edit your profile settings. You can add a picture, add Ways to Contact, Add Web Services like Google Docs and more.
  • By default, all Canvas notifications are sent to your primary email address, which is set in MyNevada. Under Account Notifications, you can set how you want to be notified about different types of course activities and Set your Canvas notification preferences

Where do I submit my assignments

  • In your course, check the Assignments link to find a list of your assignments, or the Modules link to access assignments, course files, readings, etc. that have been linked to Module pages.
  • If your instructor has created assignments, you may be able to submit them online. Open the assignment, read the instructions provided by your instructor, and look for the Submit Assignment button at the top on the right side. A rubric may appear if one has been provided by your instructor.
  • You may see tabs for the different ways you can submit to this assignment, such as File Upload or Text Entry. Click on the tab to access the method you want to use.
  • If you want to resubmit to an assignment, reopen the Assignment and click the Resubmit Assignment button on the top right. Your instructor will decide which submission will be graded.
  • If your assignment is a Discussion, you can open it in Discussions, Assignments, or Modules. Just click the Reply button to start your post, the click the Post Reply button when you are done.
  • Instructors sometimes ask for Video submissions as part of an assignment. You may submit video as part of your assignment by following the instructions linked here: Submitting Video as an Assignment in Kaltura.

How do I take a quiz or test?

  • Your instructor may set up online quizzes or tests in your WebCampus course. You can access them in Assignments or Modules, depending on how your instructor has set up the course.
  • To reduce the possibility of technical problems, here are some good practices to follow:
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies (Mac or PC). This reduces the chance that older web pages or data may interfere with your quiz responses.
  • Take the quiz from a wired (not wireless) Internet connection. This lowers your chance of losing data if the connection drops for some reason (Canvas does save your data if you lose connection, but better to be safe than sorry).
  • Plan to complete the quiz or test in one session.

How can I see my grades?

  • You can view grades for all of your courses by clicking the View Grades button on the bottom right of your Dashboard.
  • Inside a course, you may see a link to Grades on the course menu, if your instructor has enabled it. This link will detail the assignments, your submissions, and your grades for this course. There are many places for you to view instructor comments on your work.
  • You can enter What-if grades for ungraded assignments to see what the impact may be on your total course grade. Just click in the empty grade field and enter a score; it won’t save an actual assignment grade, and your instructor won’t see it.
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