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WebCampus Grade Integration with MyNEVADA

To automatically upload grades from WebCampus, you will need to:

  • Step 1: Go to WebCampus and prepare your gradebook for the upload.
  • Step 2: Go to MyNEVADA and upload the grade. (Don't use Firefox; use Chrome for grade integration.)

See sections below for detailed step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

Click to view the video tutorials: Step 1 video;   Step 2 video

NOTE: The grade integration does not sync with any changes made in WebCampus. Anytime you adjust the grades in WebCampus you will have to re-click the "load grades from webcampus" button in MyNevada to reload the grades.


Preparing your gradebook in WebCampus

The final grade in WebCampus (i.e., the Total column) can be uploaded directly to MyNEVADA. For this to happen, there are two conditions to be met:

  • Grading scheme has to be enabled in your WebCampus course.
  • There are no muted grading columns in the gradebook. (NOTE: The Total column has a mute icon when there are one or more muted grading columns, as shown in the screenshot below. You must unmute the grading columns before uploading grades to MyNevada.)
    screenshot showing muted columns

How to enable the grading scheme:

  1. Go to the course Settings, and check the option for "Enable Grading Scheme".
  2. Click on Set Grading Scheme.
    course details tab under course settings with arrows pointing to the option for enabling grading schema
  3. The default grading scheme pops up. It is customizable. If this matches yours, click on Done and you are good to go. Otherwise, click on the pencil icon at the top to revise it.
    default grading scheme that can be customized using the pencil icon
  4. You can change the percentage, add or delete rows.
  5. Click on Save when you are done. You may be asked to give your grading scheme a name. Enter a name and then Save. Note that you can only use one grading scheme per course; if you have S/U grade for some students, you will have to manually change it in MyNevada.
    customize the scheme by changing the percentage in the range
  6. Click on Done and you are taken back to Course Details. Don't forget to click on the Update Course Details button to save the changes.
    update course details button
  7. The grading scheme is enabled. You will see the letter grades appear in the Total column.
    the total column showing percentage and letter grade

NOTE: MyNEVADA pulls student course grade instead of current grade (the current grade is the default view of the Total column, which excludes the columns with no submissions/grades). We recommend you turn on the "Treat Ungraded as 0" feature to view the true grade (i.e., course grade), which includes all grading columns, with or without submissions/grades.
gradebook setting with treat ungraded as 0 option highlighted

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If you experience issues with the grading scheme or the grading process within WebCampus please contact Instructional Design (TLT) at 775-682-6798 or email

If you experience issues accessing MyNEVADA or your Grade Roster, please contact Admissions and Records 775-784-4700 opt. 2 or email


Uploading Grades from WebCampus to MyNEVADA

MyNEVADA now offers instructors the ability to upload grades from WebCampus. This new feature makes posting final grades in MyNEVADA easier and faster. Follow the steps below to upload your grades:

Instructors must first authorize in order to upload grades. To do this, log into MyNEVADA and navigate to your Faculty Center. Once there, click the grade roster tab, you should now see the authorize to WebCampus button.

screenshot of grade roster in MyNevada with a callout on the Authorize to WebCampus button

You will then be redirected to the WebCampus log in page. (If you are already logged into WebCampus, you will not be prompted to log in again.) After you log in, the MyNevada/Canvas Grade Integration screen will be displayed. Click on the Authorize button.

  grade integration authorization pop-up window

Once you have Authorized you will be redirected to MyNEVADA and the Authorization successful message will be displayed, click OK.

authorization comfirmation message.

You are now able to upload WebCampus grades into MyNEVADA. To use the new grade upload feature, click the load grades from WebCampus icon within the Grade Roster Action box.

grade roster with a callout on the load grades from webcampus button

Once grades have been uploaded they will auto populate onto your grade roster within MyNEVADA. Any F’s issued will need to have the Attendance information completed.

screenshot of student grades in grade roster

If the student partially attended, the Last Date of attendance will also need to be entered.

grade roster page with callouts on student attendance

If a student added the course late or is listed on the Grade Roster but does not have a grade in WebCampus, you will receive an error message before being able to move the Grade Roster to the approved and post status. Click OK and go back to manually enter the grades for any that may be missing.

screenshot of error message with missing grades.

If any of the students on the grade roster have changed their grading basis from Letter Grade to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, those grades will not be converted in the upload and you will need to manually enter those grades.

screenshot showing how to manually adjust s/u grades

s/u grades adjustment message

Once all grades have been reviewed, they now need to be Approved and Posted. From the Grade Roster Action box, select Approved from the drop down menu. Once the Roster status has been moved to Approved click the Post icon to officially post all grades on the roster.

screenshot showing hot to post grades


If you experience issues accessing MyNEVADA or your Grade Roster, please contact Admissions and Records 775-784-4700 opt. 2 or email

If you experience issues with the grading scheme or the grading process within WebCampus please contact Instructional Design (TLT) at 775-682-6798 or email


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