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Teaching & Learning Technologies

Canvas FAQs


Is WebCampus going away?

No, WebCampus is just a name that we apply to the software that is running the Learning Management System. We are changing the underlying software from a Blackboard system to a Canvas system, but students will still log into WebCampus.

What about my grade records that are in Blackboard?

Blackboard course archives will be retained for 1 year after the course has been offered. For grade disputes, TLT will facilitate restoration of course archives to extract grade data.

Why was WebCampus moved to the Canvas system?

We need to ensure that UNR has a modern, reliable Learning Management System that benefits instructors and students. Periodically assessing all the available options for the system is part of that process. Last spring, the Provost appointed a committee of faculty, staff, and students to evaluate available systems. The committee unanimously recommended that the University adopt Canvas.

Can I access Canvas on a mobile device?

Yes! While we do not offer support for the Canvas mobile app, you may log in on a mobile device.