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3D Services

Stratasys uPrint SE Plus

ABS Plastic Printed Molecule

Machine: uPrint SE Plus

Maximum Build Size: 8" x 8" x 6"

Layer Thickness: .010" (.254mm)

Modeling Material: ABS Plastic

Support Material: PLA Plastic

Accepted File Formats: .stl


  • Model Material: $4.95 per cubic inch
  • Support Materials: $7.75 per cubic inch

Available Colors: Ivory, White, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Olive, Black, Grey

LulzBot TAZ 5

Image of Lulzbot printing a lime green vase.

Machine: LulzBot TAZ 5

Maximum Build Size: 11.7" x 10.8" x 9.8"

Layer Thickness: .075mm to .5mm

Material: ABS, HIPS, Ninja Flex, and more

Accepted File Formats: Several. Ask for details.


  • ABS/HIPS: $0.21 per gram
  • Semi-Flex/Ninja-Flex: $0.26 per gram

Available Colors: Several. Ask for details.

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