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Staff & Department Directory: Subject Librarians

Research Services

The Librarians listed on this page can help you find and use discipline-specific information resources and tools.  If you need help right away, or are not sure who to contact, you can contact the Knowledge Center Research Desk at 682-5657.

Or ask us a question by Chat or E-Mail:


By Subject

Aging & Gerontology  Michelle Rachal  682-7310 
Agriculture  Amy Shannon  682-6624 
Anthropology  Jeremy Floyd 682-5600
Art  Ann Medaille  682-5600 
Basque Studies  Donnelyn Curtis  682-5668 
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology  Amy Shannon  682-6624 
Biology  Amy Shannon  682-6624 
Business  Patrick Ragains  682-5593 
Chemistry  Tod Colegrove  682-5644 
Communication Studies  Steven Harris 682-5601
Community Health Sciences  Michelle Rachal  682-7310 
Computer Science  Erich Purpur  682-5706 
Core Writing/English 102  Patrick Ragains  682-5593 
Core Writing/English 102  Heidi Slater  682-5700 
Criminal Justice  Duncan Aldrich 682-5569 
Economics  Patrick Ragains  682-5593 
Education  Ann Medaille  682-5600 

Tara Radniecki 

English Language & Literature, ESL  Betty Glass  682-5660 
Environment  Amy Shannon  682-6624 
Foreign Languages & Literatures  Amalia (Molly) Beisler  682-5602 
Gender, Race, and Identity  Betty Glass 682-5601 
Geography  Chrissy Klenke  682-7371 
Geological Sciences & Engineering  Chrissy Klenke  682-7371 
Gerontology  Michelle Rachal  682-7310 
Government Information  Patrick Ragains  682-5593 
History  Patrick Ragains  682-5593 
History  Donnelyn Curtis  682-5668 
History of Science & Technology  Donnelyn Curtis  682-5668 
Human Development & Family Studies  Ann Medaille  682-5600 
Journalism  Donnelyn Curtis  682-5668 
Judicial Studies  Patrick Ragains  682-5593 
Library Science  Paoshan Yue  682-5668 
Map Research  Chrissy Klenke  682-7371 
Materials Science  Tod Colegrove  682-5644 
Mathematics  Tod Colegrove  682-5644 
Mining & Mining Engineering  Chrissy Klenke  682-7371 
Music  Amalia (Molly) Beisler  682-5602 
Music  Amy Hunsaker  682-5641 
Nursing  Michelle Rachal  682-7310 
Nutrition  Amy Shannon  682-6624 
Philosophy & Religion  Betty Glass  682-5660 
Physics  Tod Colegrove  682-5644 
Political Science  Patrick Ragains  682-5601 
Psychology  Maggie Ressel  682-5653 
Public Health  Michelle Rachal  682-7310 
Social Work  Duncan Aldrich  682-5569 
Sociology  Duncan Aldrich  682-5569 
Special Collections (Library)  Betty Glass  682-5660 
Speech Pathology & Audiology  Michelle Rachal  682-7310 
Theatre & Dance  Ann Medaille  682-5600 

For Instructors

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Duncan Aldrich 
Criminal Justice, Social Work, Sociology

Amalia (Molly) Beisler
Foreign Languages & Literatures, Music

Tod Colegrove
Atmospheric Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

Donnie Curtis
Basque Studies, Journalism, History, History of Science & Technology

Jeremy Floyd

Betty Glass
English Language & Literature, ESL, Gender, Race & Identity, Philosophy & Religion

Amy Hunsaker

Chrissy Klenke
Geography, Geological Sciences & Engineering, Map research, Mining & Mining Engineering

Ann Medaille
Art, Education, Human Development & Family Studies, Theatre & Dance

Erich Purpur
Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering

Michelle Rachal
Medicine, Speech Pathology & Audiology, Community Health Science/Public Health, Nursing,Health Literacy, Gerontology & Aging

Tara Radniecki
Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering

Pat Ragains
Business, Core Writing/English 102, Economics, Government Information, History, Judicial Studies,

Maggie Ressel

Amy Shannon
Agriculture, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Biology, Environment, Nutrition

Heidi Slater
Core Writing/English 102

Paoshan Yue
Library Science